Average earnings of SAP consultants in India

Average Salary Of Sap Consultant In India

SAP Consultants in India are skilled experts who focus on both functional and technical data processing. They have expertise in software development and ensure smooth operations while meeting the requirements of end users. However, their specific responsibilities may differ based on their specialization area.

According to Ambitionbox, SAP Consultants in India earn an average salary of INR 7.60 LPA. Various factors influence their pay, including experience, skills, job role, company, and location. Metropolitan cities generally offer higher salary packages compared to non-metro areas. In-demand skills like SAP Finance control, SAP Material Management, and SAP Sales and Distribution can fetch salaries ranging from INR 5.52 LPA to 7.50 LPA.

Average Salary of a SAP Consultant in India

Based on data from Ambitionbox, the typical annual salary for a SAP Consultant in India is INR 7.60 LPA. On a monthly basis, their average earnings range between INR 56,388 and 57,803. Entry-level SAP Consultants can expect to earn around INR 3.60 LPA while those with over seven years of experience may receive up to INR 8.80 LPA. The highest reported salary for a SAP Consultant reaches approximately INR 14.3 LPA in India.

SAP Consultants can find employment opportunities in both private and public sectors. Renowned companies like Ernst & Young, Google, and Tata Consultancy Services offer salaries ranging from INR 7.40 LPA to 11 LPA for these professionals. Government organizations such as National Highways & infrastructure development, National Highways Authority of India, BHEL, Power Grid also provide competitive salaries between INR 6 LPA to 12 LPA for SAP consultants.

SAP Consultants are highly sought after in both private and public sector organizations in India. The demand for SAP software is particularly high, with its usage being prevalent among Fortune 500 companies.

Some of the top recruiters of SAP consultants are tabulated below for your reference.

Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India: Job Profile-wise

The salary of SAP Consultants in India varies based on the specific roles they perform. Below is a table that outlines the average salaries for different job profiles in this field.

The following table displays the average annual salaries (in INR) for SAP consultants based on their years of experience:

– For those with 0 to 5 years of experience, the average salary is around 5.50 L.

– Those with 6 to 10 years of experience earn an average salary of approximately 8.40 L.

– SAP consultants who have been working for 11 to 15 years receive an average annual salary of about 10.90 L.

– Individuals with a work experience ranging from 16 to 20 years earn an average salary of around14.30 L.

SAP Consultant Salary: Experience Wise

The level of experience greatly influences the salary of a SAP Consultant in India. As one gains more experience, their salary also sees a significant rise. For instance, fresh graduates can anticipate an initial salary of INR 3.60 LPA, whereas those with 5-6 years of experience can expect to earn approximately INR 6 LPA – 8 LPA.

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Listed in the table below is the average income of an SAP consultant in India, categorized by their level of experience.

The salary of SAP consultants in India varies based on their experience. Here is a breakdown of the average annual salaries for different experience levels:

– For those with 0 to 5 years of experience, the average salary is around 5.50 lakhs INR per year.

– Consultants with 6 to 10 years of experience earn an average annual salary of approximately 8.40 lakhs INR.

– Those who have been working as SAP consultants for 11 to 15 years receive an average salary of about 10.90 lakhs INR per year.

– With a work experience ranging from 16 to 20 years, SAP consultants can expect an average annual salary of around14.30 lakhs INR.

– Finally, professionals with over two decades (20+ years) in this field earn an average annual income of about20 lakhs INR.

Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India: City-wise

The salary of a SAP Consultant in India is influenced by the location. Generally, metropolitan cities tend to offer higher salaries compared to non-metropolitan cities. The table below presents the salaries of SAP consultants based on their respective locations in some of the top Indian cities.

The following table displays the average annual salaries (in INR) of SAP consultants in different cities across India: Delhi – 6.80 L, Pune – 7.80 L, Bangalore – 7.50 L, Mumbai – 6.70 L, Chennai – 6.50 L, Kolkata – 7.30 L, Gurgaon – 9.50 L

Salary of a 10-year SAP Consultant in India

The salary of a Consultant at SAP in India varies based on experience. On average, the salary for an SAP Consultant with 3 to 11 years of experience is ₹18.4 Lakhs. However, the salary range for Consultants at SAP India can be anywhere between ₹8.1 Lakhs and ₹32.0 Lakhs. Our estimates suggest that the salary at SAP India is approximately 37% higher than the average Consultant Salary in India.

– Average SAP Consultant salary in India: ₹18.4 Lakhs

– Experience range: 3 years to 11 years

– Salary range at SAP India: ₹8.1 Lakhs to ₹32.0 Lakhs

– Estimated increase compared to average Consultant Salary in India: Approximately 37%

Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India: Skill-wise

The expertise of a SAP consultant is also taken into consideration when determining their salary. Individuals who have completed certification courses in this field are more likely to be preferred during the hiring process, which can lead to higher-paying job opportunities.

Below, you will find a list of the top skills required for SAP consultants in India, along with their corresponding salary ranges.

The following table displays the average annual salaries (in INR) for various SAP consultant skills in India:

– SAP Material Management: 5.60 L

– SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling: 6.88 L

– SAP ABAP: 7.27 L

– SAP Sales and Distribution: 7.56 L

– SAP Production planning: 6.06 L

– SAP Security: 5.72 L

Which country offers the highest salary for SAP consultants?

SAP professionals often have the opportunity to earn higher salaries in certain countries. One such country is the United States, which is renowned for offering competitive pay to SAP professionals. This is especially true in technology hubs like Silicon Valley, New York, and other major cities.

In India, there are also opportunities for SAP professionals to secure well-paying jobs. Many multinational companies have established their presence in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi-NCR. These companies often require skilled SAP professionals to manage their business operations efficiently. By acquiring relevant certifications and gaining experience in implementing SAP solutions, Indian professionals can increase their chances of securing high-paying positions.

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To maximize earning potential as an SAP professional in India or any other country, it is crucial to continuously update your skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends. The field of SAP evolves rapidly with new technologies and modules being introduced regularly. By investing time in learning these advancements through online courses or attending workshops/seminars conducted by industry experts, you can position yourself as a valuable asset to employers.

Networking plays a vital role when seeking higher paying job opportunities as an SAP professional. Building connections within the industry through events organized by local user groups or professional associations can lead to valuable contacts that may provide insights into job openings or even recommend you directly for lucrative positions.

Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India

SAP Consultants are highly sought after both in India and internationally, and they receive higher salaries compared to their counterparts in India. The table below presents the salary ranges for SAP consultants in various countries as a point of reference.

Here is a revised version of the text:

The average annual salaries for SAP consultants in various countries are as follows: USA – 86.39 Lakh INR, UK – 87.51 Lakh INR, Australia – 69.04 Lakh INR, Canada – 65.12 Lakh INR, Germany – 62.67 Lakh INR, Japan – 29.33 Lakh INR, and China – 39.27 Lakh INR (all figures in Indian Rupees).

Salary of MBA in SAP: An Overview

The average salary of a SAP consultant in India is estimated to be around ₹12 lakhs per year. This total pay range includes the base salary as well as any additional pay that the consultant may receive.

In addition to the base salary, there may be some extra payments known as additional pay. However, on average, MBA consultants at SAP do not receive any additional pay and therefore their total annual income remains at ₹12 lakhs only. Additional pay could include things like cash bonuses, stock options, commissions based on sales performance, profit sharing from company profits or even tips received from clients/customers.

Overall, an MBA consultant working at SAP can expect to earn an average annual income of ₹12 lakhs which consists solely of their base salary without any added extras.

Required Skills to Become a SAP Consultant in India

The proficiency in various skills is essential for individuals aspiring to become SAP Consultants. Possessing a diverse range of skills increases the likelihood of securing well-paying employment opportunities and enables better comprehension of job responsibilities. Below, you will find a list outlining some of the key skills required for this role.

Here are some skills that are important for SAP consultants in India: User Interface Testing, SAP Implementation, SAP Basics, Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Business Strategy, Good Communication and Presentation Skills, Ability to Work Under Pressure, Teamwork and Software Knowledge.

How can I secure a lucrative salary in SAP?

Advanced Business Application Management (ABAP) is mentioned next. ABAP refers to a programming language used for customizing SAP applications according to specific business requirements. Professionals with ABAP skills can develop new functionalities or modify existing ones within the SAP system.

Lastly, Material Management (MM) involves overseeing the procurement process – from purchasing raw materials through storing them until they are needed in production or distribution processes – ensuring that the right materials are available at the right time and place.

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Overall, these different job roles in SAP consulting offer a range of opportunities for professionals to specialize in various aspects of business management using SAP software.

Top Employers of SAP Consultants in India

Below is a list of leading employers in both the private and public sectors who hire candidates with varying levels of experience.

Here are some top consulting firms in India: Tata Consultancy Services, Capgemini, Deloitte, IBM, HCL Tech, Tech Mahindra, Ernst & Young, NTT Data, and L&T Infotech.

SAP Consultant Salary: FAQs

SAP Consultants in India are experts who carry out various responsibilities, including:

Create a procedure for processing orders and receiving payments, set up credit management for business purposes, and produce instructional materials such as user manuals and technical guides.

Ques. What are the career prospects after finishing a SAP course?

After finishing a SAP course, individuals have various career prospects to explore.

– Sales

– Advertising & Promotion

– Research & Development

What is the average pay of a SAP Consultant in India after finishing their undergraduate degree?

The typical salary range for a SAP Consultant in India, with an undergraduate degree and some work experience, is approximately INR 3.60 L- 4.10 LPA. However, factors such as the number of years of experience and the company they are employed by can also influence their salary.

What skills do you need to become a SAP Consultant?

The key abilities needed to excel as an SAP Consultant include:

– Strong leadership skills

– Ability to work well in a team

– Profound understanding of SAP software

– Expertise in SAP FICO module

What certification courses are necessary to become a SAP Consultant?

The necessary certification courses to become a SAP Consultant include:

Some of the certifications for SAP consultants in India include SAP Certified Associate- SAP Activate Project Manager, Certified SAP Business Suite 7 Professional, Certified SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Professional, and SAP ERP Manager Government Certification.

What is the maximum salary that a SAP Consultant can earn?

The average annual salary of a SAP Consultant in India can reach up to INR 23 LPA.

What are the job prospects following completion of SAP certification?

After successfully completing the SAP Course, individuals have various career opportunities to explore.

Some job roles in the field of IT include Linux Programmer, OBIEE consultant, Cloud Architects, and SQL programmer.

The length of a SAP course in India can vary depending on the area of specialization. The duration typically ranges from 30 days to 6 months, depending on the specific focus.

To acquire proficiency in software applications related to SAP Modules.

Developing robust technical assistance.

Improving performance within a company.

Is a career as an SAP consultant in India worthwhile?

Are SAP consultants well-compensated in India? Absolutely! On average, a SAP consultant earns around ₹7,00,000 per year. However, those who specialize in financial or HR software can expect even higher salaries due to their expertise and specialized skill set in these specific areas.

Salary of entry-level SAP consultants in India

The average salary of a SAP consultant in India varies based on factors such as experience, skills, and location. Generally, the starting salary for a SAP consultant is around INR 3.60 LPA (Lakhs Per Annum). However, candidates with more than 7 years of experience can expect to earn an average salary of INR 8.80 LPA.

In terms of the highest salaries earned by SAP consultants in India, it can go up to approximately INR 14.3 LPA or even more for those at senior positions within reputed organizations or consulting firms.