Cost of SAP Global Certification in India

Sap Global Certification Fees In India

Are you wondering if getting a SAP certification is worthwhile? Interested in knowing the fees for SAP certifications in India and the potential career opportunities they offer? If so, this article by Careers360 will provide comprehensive information on SAP certifications, including details about the courses, fees, and eligibility criteria.

Discover the top SAP certification courses and their associated fees in India. Additionally, explore information on complimentary ethical courses.

SAP Certification: An Overview

SAP stands for ‘Systems Applications and Products,’ and it was created to allow clients to communicate with a single database across a wide range of applications.

The fees for SAP Global Certification in India have been subject to various modifications as the industry and market demands continue to evolve. It is advisable to verify the current costs of SAP online courses and gather relevant information about the course itself.

To obtain a certification in SAP, individuals must fulfill specific eligibility criteria and consider the fees associated with the desired course. The qualifications for SAP courses typically require a suitable educational background in areas such as Information Systems, Computer Science, Operations Management, HR Management, and similar fields. It is important for candidates to review the applicable certification fees before proceeding with their SAP training.

SAP online courses and training in India can be divided into two main types: functional and technical. These courses provide authorization and transaction numbers that are associated with your educational background. Additionally, the content of SAP certification online may vary depending on the specific course you choose.

The SAP online course with certification emphasizes module customization and programming. Candidates who meet the criteria can select the appropriate SAP training based on their specific requirements and preferences, including duration and fees.

In India, individuals with a combination of functional and technological skills, such as business analysts, contribute to this trend. If you possess a background in programming, development, or computers, it is advisable to enroll in technical courses.

Prior to appearing for the SAP certification exam, there are no prescribed courses or course combinations that one must complete. To fulfill the eligibility requirements set by SAP and qualify for an advanced Professional SAP certification, it is necessary to first acquire an associate-level certification.

It is important to remember that SAP certification online courses demonstrate the expertise of professionals. Therefore, it is essential to have a suitable qualification in SAP before pursuing a certification. The SAP certificate course holds global recognition and is necessary for various roles and responsibilities.

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Benefits of SAP Certification in Information Technology in India

SAP certification is highly sought after in the current corporate landscape and is considered one of the top certifications. There is a global demand for IT professionals who possess knowledge and experience with SAP platforms. Obtaining SAP certification showcases your expertise to recruiters, making you an attractive candidate for job opportunities. As a result, there is always a need for professionals with SAP certification in India and across the world.

Sap Global Certification Charges in India

Professionals who gain SAP certification online can advance in their careers. Let’s see why. All top industry giants look for professionals with certification in SAP. The Forbes 500 list has estimated that SAP ERP is used by 70% of organisations. So taking SAP certification exams will give you an edge.

SAP Certification – Opportunities and Remuneration in India

It is important to consider various factors that can influence your salary, such as your work experience, SAP certification, additional skills, educational qualifications, industry type, location, and more. There is a demand for SAP consultants in diverse industries like manufacturing, consultancies, ERP systems, logistics and supply chain management, production units, CRM solutions providers and distribution companies.

Let’s take a look at the average median salaries of professionals with SAP Certifications in India.

Here are the average salary ranges for various SAP certifications in India:

– SAP Consultant: The average salary range is between Rs. 301,000 to Rs. 2 million, with an average of Rs. 732,129.

– Senior SAP Consultant: The salary range is between Rs. 725,000 to Rs. 2 million, with an average of Rs. 1,392,280.

– SAP Project Manager: The salary range is between Rs. 1 million to Rs. 3 million, with an average of Rs.19,65,270.

– SAP Basis Administrator: The salary range is between Rs.291k -Rs1m ,with an avg of rs7lakh

-SAP ABAP Programmer :The Salary Range Is Between RS206K-RS1M With An Avg Of RS45000

-SAP Business Analyst:The Salary Range Is Between RS511K-RS2M With An Avg Of RS10LAKH

-Junior Sap consultant :The Salary Range Is BetweenRS400K-Rs610 K With An Avg Ofrs4 lakh

Sap Global Certification Costs in India

The situation is similar when it comes to promotions. Having SAP certification not only helps you secure top positions with attractive salaries, but also opens doors for significant career advancements. This certification demonstrates your skills and expertise, making you a desirable candidate for promotion opportunities.

As a result, you have become valuable to the company as they consider you as knowledgeable professionals in the field and therefore prioritize your well-being.

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Understanding SAP Global Certification

SAP certifications are important for individuals and companies involved in SAP software. They help to prove the skills and knowledge of SAP partners, users, customers, and professionals who want to work with SAP systems. These certifications are recognized worldwide and provide a standardized measure of competence for various roles within an organization.

In India, having a SAP certification is highly valued as it demonstrates expertise in using SAP software effectively. It serves as proof that individuals have undergone rigorous training and possess the necessary skills required to work in a SAP environment. This certification can be beneficial for job seekers looking to enhance their career prospects or professionals aiming to advance within their current organization.

SAP Certification Fees in India

The cost of SAP certification in India is approximately Rs. 40,000. The fees for online SAP courses may vary depending on the country. The mentioned cost includes both the fees for online SAP courses and the exams.

The fees for SAP certification courses in India can vary depending on the specific course. The amount you can expect to pay for SAP Fico certification will also differ based on the chosen course.

When it comes to selecting SAP certification courses and training, the decision largely depends on your specific goals. There are various areas to consider, such as Finance, Customer Experience, Network and Spend Management, Supply Chain Management, HR and People Engagement with SAP, Technology, and Industries.

For instance, consider the process of obtaining a SAP certification that aligns with your specific area of expertise. You can then proceed to take the relevant SAP certification exams. This is merely an illustration, as there are numerous providers offering various SAP certifications in India.

In India, various top providers offer SAP Certification programs for beginners at affordable prices. The eligibility criteria, duration of the course, and fees may differ among different institutes and colleges.

How much does it cost to get SAP SCM certification in India?

In India, there are certification courses available in Supply Chain Management – Procurement and Supply Chain Management – Planning SAP (APO). These courses are offered by BPCL Mumbai and have different durations and fees.

The Supply Chain Management – Procurement course from BPCL Mumbai lasts for 15 to 25 days. To enroll in this course, you will need to pay a fee ranging from INR 20,000 to INR 275,000. This course focuses on teaching the skills required for managing procurement processes within a supply chain.


Organisations are always on the lookout for professionals with top SAP certifications to make their businesses efficient. With an SAP certification, the professional has an edge over the others in the job market. Also, in some companies and for certain roles, SAP Software training and SAP classes are mandatory.

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Having gained a better understanding of the fees associated with SAP courses, the cost of SAP certification, and the importance of selecting appropriate SAP certifications for your professional growth, we trust that you will make an informed choice. Best wishes!

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How difficult is the SAP Global Certification exam?

Are SAP exams difficult? The difficulty level of SAP exams can vary. Generally, the Associate level exams are considered to be less challenging compared to the Professional level exams. However, it is important to keep in mind that different certifications may have varying requirements.

In simpler terms, when you take a SAP exam, how hard it will be depends on which level of certification you are aiming for. If you are going for an Associate-level certification, it might be relatively easier than if you were aiming for a Professional-level certification. Additionally, some certifications may require more prerequisites or qualifications than others.

– SAP exams have different levels of difficulty.

– Associate-level exams are usually easier than Professional-level ones.

– Different certifications may have additional requirements or qualifications needed before taking the exam.

Remember that preparing well and having a good understanding of the subject matter can greatly increase your chances of success in any SAP exam!

Validity of SAP Certification Duration

In India, there are various SAP HANA exams available for individuals who want to become certified. These exams cover different aspects of SAP HANA and its functionalities. It is essential to pass these exams in order to obtain the official certification from SAP.

– The certifications obtained through SAP HANA have lifelong validity.

– Exams need to be retaken periodically as they are updated.

– Continuous learning and staying updated with new developments is necessary even after obtaining certification.

What is the cost of SAP S4 HANA certification in India?

Most SAP courses are now available online, making it accessible for anyone to enroll in them. These courses provide the necessary knowledge and skills required to clear the SAP certification exams. In India, one of the popular certifications is SAP S4 HANA Certification.

P.S: Investing in a SAP certification can open up new opportunities for professional growth and advancement. With increasing demand for skilled professionals with expertise in SAP systems across industries like manufacturing, retailing or consulting firms; having this certification can give you an edge over others when seeking job opportunities or promotions within your organization.