Creating a package in SAP ABAP: A guide

How To Create Package In Sap Abap

Creating a package in SAP ABAP is an essential task for organizing and managing your development objects effectively. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a package in SAP ABAP. By following these guidelines, you will be able to create packages efficiently and ensure that your development objects are well-structured and easily accessible within the system.


In order to create or modify a package structure in SAP ABAP, you must have the necessary authorization for making changes. This authorization is granted through the S_PACKSTRU object with activity 02 (Change). Additionally, if you want to define the transport layer for the package, you will require appropriate CTS authorization as well. The CTS authorizations are provided by either the S_CTS_ADMI or S_CTS_SADM objects.


To establish a foundational package for a new package hierarchy, follow these steps to create a structure package.

To begin, access the Object Navigator (SE80) and select the Repository Browser. From there, opt for Package as the type of repository.

2. Type a suitable name for the new package in the designated area, ensuring it adheres to the specified requirements.

In SAP, it is required that the name of a package starts with a letter ranging from A to S or U to X.

The Create Package dialog box is shown by the system.

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From the component hierarchy of the SAP system, choose the abbreviation for the application component to which you want to assign the structure package.

The transport behavior of the package, which determines if all its elements are transported along with it, is determined by this property.

You can access this feature only if you have the necessary CTS authorization for the system (refer to the prerequisites mentioned above).

6. Select a transport request in the pop-up box that appears.


The Properties of the newly created package are shown in the Package Builder.

Once you have established a basic package structure, which acts as the foundation for organizing your packages, you can proceed to develop and include additional subpackages within the hierarchy.

In SAP ABAP, a structure package can have subpackages that include main packages or development packages.


SAP ERP comes with pre-defined structure packages like BASIS, ABA, HR, APPL, and APPL_TOOLS.

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How to Generate Packages in SAP ABAP: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step-by-step guide to creating a package in SAP ABAP

To create a package in SAP ABAP, follow these steps:

1. Open the Object Navigator (SE80) and select the Repository Browser.

2. Choose “Package” as the repository type.

3. Enter the name of the direct superpackage in the input field.

4. Right-click on the superpackage name in the object list.

5. From the context menu, choose Create → Development Coordination → Package.

6. The system will display a dialog box called “Create Package”.

What Tcode is used to create a package in SAP?

To create a package in SAP ABAP, you can follow these steps. First, go to Transaction code SE80. In the transaction, provide the desired package name and press enter. If the package does not exist already, the system will prompt you to create a new one.

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Once you have entered the package name and pressed enter, you can assign it to local objects in SE80 by selecting “local objects.” This allows you to associate your local objects with the newly created package.

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Creating a local package in SAP: How can it be done?

Select project. Select the ABAP Cloud Project you created previously, then choose New &gt, ABAP Package:

– Create package. Enter the following and choose Next:

– Add to favorite packages. (Optional, but recommended): Finally, add this new packages to your Favorite packages:

– Test yourself.

Creating a structure package in SAP: How is it done?

To create a package in SAP ABAP, follow these steps:

1. In the Project Explorer, locate and select the relevant Package node.

2. Open the context menu and choose “New Other – Dictionary”.

3. Select “Structure” to launch the creation wizard.

4. Enter a name and description for the structure you want to create.

5. Click “Next” to proceed.

6. Assign a transport request for tracking purposes.

7. Start the creation process by clicking on “Finish”.