Creating a Process Chain in SAP BW

How To Create Process Chain In Sap Bw

To initiate and carry out an SAP BW process, it is necessary to generate and execute a task within the SAP BW process chain.


You have successfully set up a project and established at least one active destination within the same project where you are creating the task for SAP BW process chain. The destination should be connected to an SAP BW system using the appropriate connection type.

Creating a process chain variant in SAP BW: A step-by-step guide

You are in the SAP BW∕4HANA Cockpit.

– Choose Create.In the next dialog box, select a process type and choose Continue.Define the properties for the variant in the Variant Editor.Choose Save.In the next dialog box, enter a name for the variant and specify the package.Choose OK.Check the variant.More items


The SAP BW process chain is a series of scheduled background processes.

Processes can be set up to initiate an additional event in certain situations.

In SAP BW, the process chain allows you to specify the initial condition for a process chain.

Initiate the process category. All subsequent processes in the sequence are programmed to remain on hold until a certain event occurs.

event. These processes are connected using events that are triggered by a

The previous task that initiates the next task in a sequence.

How can I execute a process chain manually in BW?

To begin with, open the Data Warehousing Workbench by accessing transaction RSA1. Once you are in the workbench, navigate to the Administration section. In this section, locate and click on Process Chains from the options available in the left pane.

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After selecting Process Chains, you will see a list of components displayed on your screen. Look for a component node that does not have a name assigned to it. Expand this particular node by clicking on it. Now, identify and double-click on the process chain that you wish to initiate.

By following these steps in your Data Warehousing Workbench (transaction RSA1), you will be able to access and manage process chains effectively. This allows for seamless execution of tasks within your data warehouse environment.


1. Open the SAP Data Hub cockpit using a web browser.

2. Click on the Modeling tile in the System Status section. This will open the SAP Data Hub Modeling tool in a new tab within the same browser window.

3. To create a task:

– Right-click on the project where you want to create the task in the navigation pane.

– Enter a name for your task in the Create Task dialog box.

– From the Type dropdown list, choose SAP BW Process Chain.

– Click on Create. This will open an editor where you can define your task.

1. Choose the desired destination from the provided list in the Destination value help section. The options available will be destinations that are connected to an SAP BW system through SAP BW Process Chains.

2. Enter a description for the task in the Description text field.

3. Select the necessary SAP BW process chain from the provided list in the SAP BW Process Chain value help section.

You may choose to access the SAP BW process chain within the SAP BW/4 HANA system.

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To access and make changes to the chosen SAP BW process chain, you can open it within the SAP BW/4HANA system.

To access the process chain within the system, you can open it.

1. Within the editor, after selecting the process chain, click on “Navigate to”. This will open a new tab displaying the log on screen of the SAP BW/4HANA system.

2. Enter your User Name and Password in the provided fields.

3. Click on “Log On” to access and make any necessary changes to the SAP BW process chain within its original system.

Click on the Save option in the global toolbar to save the task.

Once you have created a task object, it is important to activate the task. Activating the task is necessary in order to convert it into an active state.

Transforming a design-time object into its corresponding runtime object stored in the database.

Click on the (Activate) option in the global toolbar to activate the task.

Once you have successfully created and activated a task, you can proceed to execute the task without any additional steps.

Click on the (Execute) option in the global toolbar to initiate the task execution. A new editor will open up, allowing you to keep track of the progress of the task. You can also monitor these task executions in the monitoring dashboard of SAP Data Hub cockpit.

If you wish to stop the execution of a task within the task workflow, you have the option to abort it.

1. Click on the task node and then select the option to cancel the task.

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2. To see the updated status of the task, click on (Finished) in the editor toolbar and refresh.

3. View any changes that have occurred in the task status after refreshing.

Creating a copy process chain in SAP BW

To create a process chain in SAP BW, follow these steps. First, go to the transaction code RSPC and double-click on the existing process chain displayed in the left-hand pane. This will open up a new window where you can make changes to the process chain.

Creating a new process chain in SAP: How can it be done?

The planning view is the default mode in SAP BW, but there are two other views that can be used: Check view and protocol view. To begin creating a new process chain, click on the “Create” icon located in the planning view. A pop-up window will appear where you need to provide a technical name and description for your newly created process chain.

In order to create a process chain in SAP BW, you have three different views at your disposal – planning view, check view, and protocol view. By default, the planning view is active when you start the creation process. However, if you prefer to use either the check or protocol views instead of the planning one, they are also available options.

Understanding the concept of a process chain in SAP

A process chain is a sequence of processes that are scheduled in the background for an event. Some of these processes trigger a separate event that can, in turn, start other processes. In an operating SAP BW∕4HANA system, a number of processes occur regularly.