Creating a Sales Organization in SAP SD

How To Create Sales Organisation In Sap Sd

Assigning SAP Sales Organization The customizing menu path for this activity: SPRO &gt, Enterprise Structure &gt, Assignment &gt, Sales and Distribution &gt, Assign sales organization to company code . Enter relevant company code against the Sales Organization to which you want to assign.

Creating a sales group in SAP SD: A step-by-step guide

To define a SAP Sales Group, you can follow these steps in the SPRO transaction. First, go to the menu path: SPRO > Enterprise Structure > Definition > Sales and Distribution > Maintain sales group. Once there, press F5 on your keyboard or click the designated button. This will allow you to enter sales groups with their respective codes and descriptions as per your requirements.

Practical advice:

1. Familiarize yourself with the SPRO transaction: Before attempting to define a SAP Sales Group, it is important to understand how to navigate through the SPRO transaction. Take some time to explore its various menus and options.

Example: Spend a few minutes clicking around different sections of the SPRO transaction interface to get an idea of where different configuration settings are located.

2. Follow the specified menu path: To access the option for defining sales groups, make sure you follow this specific menu path – SPRO > Enterprise Structure > Definition > Sales and Distribution > Maintain sales group.

Example: Start by opening up the SPRO transaction window and then click on “Enterprise Structure”. From there, select “Definition” followed by “Sales and Distribution”, until you reach “Maintain sales group”.

Setting up Sales Organization in SAP SD

We will set up the organizational structure for our car business in SAP S4 HANA SD according to the provided diagram.

Picture : S4 HANA SD Organization Structure in Pictorial Form

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Creating Sales Organization in SAP SD

A credit control area can consist of multiple company codes, but it is not possible to assign a single company code to more than one control area.

Visual Aid: Procedure for Establishing a Credit Control Area

Visual Aid: Initiating the Creation of a Credit Control Area

1.3 Establish Sales Organization in SAP SD

The sales organization is utilized to consider the division of the market into different regions, countries, or even globally.

The Sales Organization in SAP SD is accountable for the distribution of goods and services as well as negotiating sales terms.

We will establish two sales organizations, namely PA10 – IC Car Sales Organization and PP10 – Electric Car Sales Organization, for both of our group companies.

How to Establish Sales Organization in SAP SD for IC Engine Car Business

The distribution channel defines the manner in which products and services are delivered.

In order to sell products, you can utilize a sales distribution channel, while for offering maintenance and repair services, a service distribution channel can be employed.

To establish a sales organization in SAP SD for our company, we can create various distribution channels. These include PA for car dealers, PB for corporates, PC for car rental companies, and PD for taxi fleets. In order to define these distribution channels within the system, you can follow the path shown in the “Define Distribution Channel” picture.

Assigning Distribution Channel to Sales Organization in SAP SD

A sales organization can have multiple valid distribution channels.

We will allocate the distribution channels mentioned above to both of our sales organizations.

Rephrase: Visual representation showcasing the process of connecting a distribution channel to a sales organization.

1.7 Create Divisions

Created below divisions for our both car companies

  • EC Electric Car
  • DC Diesel Car
  • PC Petrol Car
  • SR Spare Parts
  • SS After Sales Service

Picture : Path to Create Divisions Picture : Create Divisions

Assigning Division to Sales Organization in SAP SD

It is important to remember that the Division associated with Electric Cars should not be allocated to the IC Car Sales Organization. Similarly, Divisions related to Diesel and Petrol cars should not be assigned to the Electric car sales organization.

Pictu re : Assignment of Division to Sales Organization

Setting Up Sales Area in SAP SD

A sales area in SAP SD consists of a sales organization, distribution channel, and division combined together.

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A sales organization in SAP SD is established by defining a sales area, which determines the distribution channel used to sell products from a specific division.

Below is the list of our sales areas created for our both Car companies

Illustration: PPIN Sales Territory…Ongoing Illustration: Steps to Set up a Sales Territory Illustration: Setting up the Structure of a Sales Territory. Further details coming soon Illustration: Structuring a Sales Territory.

In the next post we will configure Material Management & Logistics execution organization structure

Creating an organizational structure in SAP SD: How is it done?

Creating a Sales Organization in SAP SD involves several steps to set up the necessary structures and relationships within the system. The first step is to create a company, which serves as the highest level of organizational unit in SAP SD. This can be done by accessing the relevant transaction code and entering the required details such as company name, address, and other relevant information.

To add a new company code to a country, you need to access specific configuration settings where you can assign the newly created company code to its corresponding country. This ensures that all transactions related to this particular country are correctly assigned under this specific company code.

In addition to setting up companies and their codes, it may also be necessary to add units or divisions within each organization. These units represent different business areas or departments within your sales organization structure. You can easily add these units by navigating through appropriate menus in SAP SD and providing relevant details such as unit name, description, and any additional attributes required.

After adding units or divisions within each organization, it might be necessary at times to introduce an additional currency type based on specific business needs or international operations. This allows for multi-currency transactions across various countries or regions where your sales organization operates.

Furthermore, creating new plants based on existing entities becomes crucial when expanding operations geographically or establishing separate production facilities for efficient supply chain management. By defining plant-specific parameters like location address and storage locations associated with them using appropriate transaction codes in SAP SD module; businesses gain better control over inventory management and streamline their logistics processes.

To ensure smooth operations, it is essential to establish relationships between units and plants. This can be achieved by assigning relevant units to specific plants within the organizational structure. By doing so, you enable seamless coordination between different business areas or departments with their respective production facilities or warehouses.

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P.S: Following these steps diligently while considering local legal requirements will help in creating a well-structured sales organization in SAP SD for businesses operating in India.

Creating a sales area in SAP SD: How can it be done?

To begin setting up the sales organization in SAP SD, start by entering the transaction code SPRO in the command field of SAP and executing it. Once done, proceed to click on the button labeled “SAP Reference IMG” on the subsequent screen. Afterward, navigate through the following menu path within SAP: SPRO -> IMG -> Enterprise Structure -> Assignment -> Sales and Distribution -> Set up Sales Area.

By following these steps, you will be able to access the necessary configuration settings for creating a sales organization in SAP SD. This process is crucial as it allows you to define various aspects related to your sales area such as company codes, distribution channels, divisions, and more.

Upon reaching this section of configuration settings, you can expand your understanding further by exploring each subcategory available under “Set up Sales Area.” These subcategories provide options for defining additional elements like sales offices or groups and assigning them accordingly.

How can I access sales organization in SAP?

To create a sales organization in SAP SD, follow these steps:

1. Go to the customization menu path: SPRO –> SAP Customizing Implementation Guide –> Enterprise Structure –> Definition –> Sales and Distribution.

2. Select “Define copy, delete, check sales organization” from the options.

3. Click on “New Entries” to add a new sales organization.

4. Enter the relevant details for the sales organization such as name, description, and address data.

5. Define the distribution channel(s) that will be associated with this sales organization by clicking on “Distribution Channel Assignment.”

6. Assign a company code to the sales organization by selecting “Company Code Assignment.”

7. Set up any additional settings or configurations required for your specific business needs within each tab available in this transaction.

Remember to save your changes after completing each step.