Exploring Selection Screen Events in SAP ABAP

Selection Screen Events In Sap Abap

The different events that can occur on a selection screen in SAP ABAP include Initialization, At selection-screen, At selection-screen output, At selection-screen on, At selection-screen on block, At selection-screen on help-request, At selection-screen on RADIOBUTTON and At selection-screen on value-request.


This event occurs once before the screen is displayed to the user for the first time. Its purpose is to set up Selection-Screen comments and initialize Pushbuttons with values.

At Selection Screen

The selection screen events in SAP ABAP are a set of events that occur between the INITIALIZATION and START-OF-SELECTION phases. These events are designed to modify the selection screen or handle user input, such as performing validations and other related tasks.

Selection Screen Output Events in SAP ABAP

Enables you to make changes to the selection screen just before it is shown.

Parameters: test1(10), test2(10), test3(10), test4(10). At selection-screen output. Loop at screen. If screen-name = ‘test1′. Screen-intensified = ‘1’. Modify screen. Continue. ENDIF. If screen-name = ‘test3′. Screen-input = ‘0’. Modify screen. ENDIF. Endloop.


This event is activated when the data from the selection screen is transferred to the ABAP program.

At selection-screen on test1. IF TEST1 = ‘not OK’. Message e001. ENDIF.


This event occurs when all the data entered in the fields of a block on the selection screen is transferred to the ABAP program.

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Start of the selection screen block named “part1” is defined with a frame. Inside this block, there are three parameters: number1 of type integer, number2 of type integer, and number3 of type integer. The end of the part1 block on the selection screen is indicated.

When the user interacts with the selection screen and selects a specific block called “part1”, certain conditions are checked. If any of these conditions are met, a message with code e020 is displayed.


This event is activated when the user requests assistance by pressing F1 for a specific field.

When the user requests help for the input field p_CARR_2 on the selection screen, a screen with number 100 will be called and displayed. This screen will start at position (10,5) and end at position (60,10).


This event is activated when the data from all the fields within a radio button group is transferred from the selection screen to the ABAP program.

At selection-screen on RADIOBUTTON group rad1. If r1 = ‘x’. Message w040. ENDIF.


This event is activated when the user requests the F4 help for the E.G. field.

When the user requests a value for the input field “p_CARR_2” on the selection screen, it triggers an event. This event calls a specific screen (screen 100) and specifies its starting and ending positions. The module “value_list output” is then executed.

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Definition of selection screen in SAP

Selection screens serve as a uniform interface for users in SAP ABAP. They allow users to input various types of values, ranging from single values to more intricate selections. The main purpose of input parameters is to regulate the flow of the program, ensuring that it follows the desired path. On the other hand, selection criteria enable users to narrow down and limit the amount of data retrieved from the database.

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These standardized user interfaces play a crucial role in enhancing user experience and improving efficiency within SAP ABAP programs. By providing a consistent layout and functionality across different programs, selection screens simplify navigation for users familiar with SAP systems. This uniformity also facilitates easier understanding and usage by new or occasional users.

Input parameters are particularly useful when it comes to controlling program execution based on specific conditions or requirements. For instance, they can be used to determine which sections of code should be executed or skipped depending on user inputs or system settings. This flexibility allows developers to create dynamic programs that adapt their behavior according to varying scenarios.

Overall, selection screens provide a powerful toolset for both developers and end-users in SAP ABAP programming environments. With their ability to handle diverse input types and control program flow effectively, these interfaces contribute significantly towards creating efficient and user-friendly applications within organizations using SAP systems in India

The purpose of at selection screen output in SAP ABAP

1. The AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT event validates screen fields.

2. It triggers before the AT SELECTION-SCREEN event.

3. This event occurs during Selection Screen Processing.

4. Execution happens at PBO of the selection screen.

5. It activates every time the user presses ENTER on the selection screen.

The commencement of selection event in SAP

Upon completion of processing the selection screen, the “START-OF-SELECTION” event is triggered in SAP ABAP. Its purpose lies in enabling developers to fetch relevant information from tables and carry out necessary checks or verifications. By utilizing this event effectively, programmers can ensure that all required data is retrieved before proceeding with further operations.

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Events in SAP: An Overview

System events in SAP are predefined by the system and are automatically triggered when certain changes occur, such as the activation of a new operation mode. On the other hand, user events are events that you define yourself. These events need to be manually triggered either from ABAP or external programs.

1. AT SELECTION-SCREEN: This event is triggered before any input on the selection screen is processed.

2. START-OF-SELECTION: This event marks the beginning of program execution after all input has been validated.

3. END-OF-SELECTION: This event signifies the end of program execution and can be used for final processing tasks.

4. INITIALIZATION: This event occurs during initialization phase and is useful for initializing variables or setting default values.

5. AT LINE-SELECTION: This event triggers when a line on a list output is selected by the user.

6. AT USER-COMMAND: This event handles user-defined function codes or buttons on the selection screen.

7. GET/SET PARAMETER ID: These events allow you to retrieve or modify parameter values during runtime.

These selection screen events provide flexibility in controlling program flow and enhancing user interaction within SAP ABAP applications.

What initiates the selection event?

P.S: The START-OF-SELECTION event acts as a vital trigger point for executing essential functionalities within an ABAP program after handling selection screen inputs. Its significance lies in its ability to initiate subsequent actions based on user requirements or system specifications.

Maintaining a selection screen in SAP: What is the process?

To access the program you wish to modify, navigate to the Object Navigator (transaction SE80) and open it. Then, select Goto → Text elements → Selection texts.

– If you want to utilize texts from the ABAP Dictionary for your selection texts, enable the Dictionary indicator.

– To modify an ABAP Dictionary text, disable the Dictionary indicator.