Finding the Tcode for a program in SAP

How To Find The Tcode For A Program In Sap

More than once I have seen mistakes made with security and development to assign custom transaction codes to standard SAP reports because no one can find the standard assigned transaction code for a report. This blog will show a common mistake made by security, analyst, and sometimes ABAP resources when looking for transaction codes associated with standard SAP reports.

Intended Audience:

– Safety specialist

– Data security expert

– Developer with expertise in ABAP programming

Example Scenario:

In the ECC 6.0 system, some business users have been granted access to transaction SA38 in production for executing program RSSCD100 (Display Change Documents). However, due to a decision made by Security and Audit, the use of SA38 in production is no longer permitted. Upon examining the RSSCD100 program, Security has determined that there is no standard SAP tcode associated with it. Consequently, they have submitted a request to the ABAP Team to create a custom transaction code for RSSCD100. The ABAP Team has successfully added a custom transaction code called ZRSSCD100. Following this update, Security roles have been modified accordingly to include the new tcode. Finally, both the new tcode and updated roles are implemented in Production environment.

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What Went Wrong:

Security relied on table TSTC (SAP Transaction Codes) to see if a transaction code was assigned to the program; they found no entries in the table. Note: The same result would be found if looking at the program via SE80; i.e., there would be no “Transactions” folder showing assigned tcodes. With this finding, Security then proceeded to request the custom development from the ABAP Team.

What They Needed to Know:

Here is an example of what a “Transaction with parameters” that calls a report might look like:

How to Search Table TSTCP:

♦ Remember to add a semi-colon after the program name when searching for it in SAP. This will help avoid picking up any other entries with similar names. The information in the PARAM field is divided by semi-colons.


To locate the transaction codes associated with a program in SAP, follow these steps:

1. Search Table TSTC using the program name as PGMNA.

Had Security followed the mentioned steps in our given scenario, they could have made the necessary role updates without requiring any additional custom development.

Finding the program name for Tcode in SAP: How can I do it?

To find the Tcode for a program in SAP, there are two ways you can go about it. The first method is to enter the Tcode and click on “display.” This will show you the program associated with that particular Tcode.

The second method involves accessing the table “tstc” in SAP. Simply inputting the Tcode into this table will provide you with the corresponding program name.

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How do I view the source code of a program in SAP?

To find the Tcode for a program in SAP, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Menubar and click on “System.”

2. From the dropdown menu, select “Status.”

3. In the Status window, navigate to the “Program” tab.

4. Double-click on the program name listed.

Remember that this process may vary slightly depending on your version of SAP software, but generally speaking, these steps should help you find the Tcode for any program within an SAP system effectively.

Searching for a program in SAP: How can I do it?

To find the Tcode (Transaction Code) for a program in SAP, you can follow these steps:

2. To search within a specific development object: Right-click on it > Choose “Search Content”.

Remember that Transaction Codes play an essential role in navigating through different functions and programs efficiently within SAP systems.

Assigning a program to tcode in SAP: How can it be done?

To find the Tcode for a program in SAP, follow these steps:

1. Go to transaction SE93.

2. In the transaction code field, specify the program name for which you want to find the Tcode.

3. Click on the “Create” button or press Enter.

4. A new screen will appear where you can enter additional details such as short text and authorization group (optional).

5. Once you have entered all necessary information, click on the “Save” button or press Ctrl+S to save your changes.

By following these steps in transaction SE93, you can easily find and assign a Tcode to a specific program in SAP.

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How do I find the source code of an application?

Finding the Tcode for a program in SAP can be a useful skill for navigating through the system efficiently. There are several ways to find the Tcode, but one common method is using the “Where-Used List” function. To access this function, go to transaction code SE38 and enter the name of the program you want to find. Then, click on “Utilities” in the menu bar and select “Where-Used List.” This will display all transactions that use or reference your desired program.

How can I find source code?

To find the Tcode for a program in SAP, you can follow these steps:

1. Open your website page using Google Chrome.

– Step 1: Open your website page using Google Chrome.

– Transaction codes (Tcodes) are shortcuts used in SAP systems to quickly access specific programs or functions.

Remember that this explanation is written in English for readers from India who may not be familiar with technical jargon but still need guidance on finding Tcodes for programs in SAP.