Free online courses on SAP with certificates

Sap Online Courses With Certificates Free

SAP is a highly effective ERP tool used in modern technology. This no-cost online course provides an introduction to the SAP user interface, its recent advancements, and system navigation. The course covers various aspects of SAP, including integrating and managing different business processes, grouping frequently-used transactions for quick access, and understanding country- and industry-specific modules. Additionally, it delves into transactions, solutions, organizational units, and master data within this powerful tool. The course also includes practical examples on base-processes such as global management of buying, approvals, compliance, payments,and suppliers.

The following section of the course focuses on planning and the different strategies that can be utilized within the SAP system. This module covers various aspects such as production planning requirements, material needs, design data, and the overall production process in SAP. Additionally, this course delves into how SAP serves as a strategic and financial reporting tool for analyzing profitability based on different segments. It explores the purpose of SAP CO-PA (Profitability Analysis) and its necessary organizational units and master data. By analyzing input data, you will gain a better understanding of how both the SAP ecosystem and SAP CO-PA function together. Furthermore, this course addresses significant enhancements made by SAP in relation to Fixed Asset Accounting within the context of SAP S/4HANA.


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Free Online Courses with Certificates on SAP

Enrolling, studying, and completing all courses on Alison is completely free. To become an Alison Graduate, it is necessary to score 80% or above in each course assessment. After successfully finishing a course, you can choose to obtain an official Diploma as a means of showcasing your accomplishment to others.

Free SAP Online Courses with Certificates

Suitable for showcasing to prospective employers, beneficial for your curriculum vitae (CV), professional profiles on social media platforms, and job applications. Demonstrates your dedication to ongoing learning, enhancing skills, and attaining impressive outcomes. Serves as a motivation for you to persist in self-empowerment through lifelong education.

Alison provides 3 types of Diplomas for completed Diploma courses

Digital: You will receive a PDF version of the certificate that can be downloaded immediately after your purchase.

Printed: A physical copy of the officially branded and security-marked certificate will be sent to you by mail, with free shipping.

Framed: Your officially branded and security-marked certificate will be beautifully framed and delivered to you at no additional cost.

Is there free training available from SAP?

openSAP provides cutting-edge learning opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds, offering expert-led content tailored specifically by SAP. We believe that learning is a lifelong journey, and with our extensive range of free online courses available worldwide, you can enhance your skills and knowledge at your own convenience. Whether you are looking to upskill in the latest technologies or gain insights into industry trends, openSAP offers a flexible platform for continuous growth.

P.S. At openSAP India Editions (, we provide localized content specifically curated for learners in India. This includes courses focused on regional industries and challenges faced by professionals within the Indian market. Join us on this educational journey and unlock new opportunities for personal growth and career advancement.

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SAP course fees: What are they?

P.S: It is worth mentioning that while there are many options available for online SAP courses with certificates in India, it is advisable to thoroughly research and choose reputable institutes or platforms that provide quality education and recognized certifications.

Is it possible to obtain SAP certification through online courses?

P.S. Remember that with an active subscription to one of these editions on SAP Learning Hub, you can conveniently book and take certification exams without any additional cost. Make sure to make use of this opportunity to further develop your expertise in various areas offered by SAP.