How to Correctly Handle a Mistakenly Uploaded Document in SAP

A Document Wrongly Posted In Sap Can Only Be

When an incorrect entry is posted in the SAP system, we have to reverse the same or pass a rectification entry . Various situations may arise that may compel a company to correct its accounting documents. The only way to correct a wrongly posted accounting entry is by its reversal.

Undoing a cleared document in SAP (FBRA)

In certain situations, it may be necessary to undo a posting of a clearing document in SAP. To accomplish this, the t-code FBRA can be utilized. This guide will outline the steps involved in using FBRA to reverse the posting of a document.

Review Vendor Balance(FK10N)

This is a straightforward example indicating that invoices have been recorded and settled within the same timeframe. To view the specific information of the document, simply click twice on the Balance field highlighted in green.

This shows that every invoice(Doc Type KR in the column “Type”) has been paid (Doc Type ZP). The document NO column is the original Invoice or Payment document. The Clring Doc column is the Clearing Document number which in this case is the same as the payment document number. For this demonstration we want to cancel the 6,000 EUR payment so we need to reverse clearing document 2000000008.

Choose Reversal Reason 04 when posting a document in the current period, even if the original document was posted in a closed period. Click to proceed.

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A notification initially pops up indicating that 2000000008 has been reset, followed by the display of a fresh document.

This is how the clearing reversal document appears. By clicking on the header button, a pop-up will appear displaying the details of the document header. In this pop-up, you can easily identify the original payment document that has been reversed as it is highlighted.

To access the detailed information of a specific line item, simply click twice on the amount that is highlighted in green.

Currently, there is an unpaid invoice that needs to be addressed. If the original issue was with the invoice itself, you can proceed by reversing the invoice document. As it is a financial document, t-code FB08 can be utilized for reversal since it is not a clearing document.

We now aim to undo/annul the initial invoice document.

1. Enter the original document number that needs to be reversed.

2. Input the company code and fiscal year.

3. Type in the reversal reason 04 once again, along with a posting date within the current month.

4. Finally, click on the Save Button to successfully post the document.

Let us now take another look at the Vendor balance by using FK10N.

The Vendor balance is now back to zero but we have two new documents. The “KA” document is the reversal of the original invoice and the “ZP” is the reversal of the payment document.

The reason for this two-step procedure is essential as it involves reversing documents in both the MM Module and the FI Module.

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The result

The process demonstrates the seamless integration of SAP, highlighting its ability to rectify erroneous postings and follow a logical sequence for reversing documents.

Reversing a post in SAP: How is it done?

Open the Reprocess Bank Statement Items or Reprocess Lockbox Items app.

– Select the items whose postings you want to reverse.

– Select the Reverse button.In the pop-up window, select a reversal reason and a posting date, and select the Reverse button.

Is it possible to undo a document reversal in SAP?

In standard SAP, it is not possible to reverse a reversal. For example, if Journal A was reversed in FB08 and then Journal B was posted as a reversal of Journal A, it would not be possible to reverse Journal B.

What causes the reversal in SAP?

Reversal reason is only an information as to why the document was reversed. Reversal of an incorrect posting in the same period, Reversal of an incorrect posting in the subsequent period or Reversal of an incorrect document which is an accrual etc.

What constitutes a reverse document?

Reverse doc type allows you to define what document type is used when the original doc is reversed. If no reverse document type is specified, the reverse document is. assigned the document type of the original document.