How To Send Workflow Notification As Email In Sap

How To Send Workflow Notification As Email In Sap

In the Workflow Settings screen, click on the hyperlink for Notifications on Failed Rules . You are navigated to Failed Notification Recipient dialog screen where you can add specific administrators to whom you want to send the notifications for failed workflow rules.

In this article

– Open the workflow site using SharePoint Designer

– Navigate to the settings for the notification message

Step 2 – Customize the content of a task notification. Alter the information within a task notification according to your requirements.

Step 1 – Access the email task notification template

You can customize an email task notification. The notification message is part of the workflow definition. To modify the notification message, open the workflow site in Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010.

To begin, open SharePoint Designer 2010 by clicking on its icon in the Windows Start menu. Then, select “Open Site” from the options presented. In the dialog box that appears, enter the URL of the workflow you wish to work with. This will take you to the Site Information page for that specific workflow.

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Next, navigate to the Workflows section by selecting it from the Navigation panel. Here, you can access various settings related to managing workflows.

Within the Workflows panel, locate the List Workflow section and find the task type name associated with your desired notification message. For instance, if we consider an example using TestTask as shown in our illustration.

Access the settings for the notification message

In Duet Enterprise, a notification message is sent for every task. Modifying the message requires adjusting how the workflow manages each specific task.

1. Open the workflow page by double-clicking on the task type name.

2. Access the workflow editor by clicking on “Edit Workflow” in the Workflow Settings page.

3. Find Step 1 in the editor pane and select “Approval”.

4. Click on “Change the behavior of a single task” in the Approval page to open Task Behaviors.

How do I send an email from SAP Workflow?

In order to complete the task, follow these steps:

2. Utilize the send mail activity.

3. Assign the element that is defined to E-Mail Address.

How to Modify Task Notification in SAP

By default, Duet Enterprise uses a dynamic form of email address for the task notification message, a variable called Current Task: Assigned to. When it sends the task notification, Duet Enterprise looks up the correct person or SAP role, and then sends the notification to that address.

3. After selecting your desired recipient, click on Add>> to add them to the recipient list.

Important: If you supply a static address, then any time that you need to change the address, you must open the workflow in SharePoint Designer 2010 and change the recipient manually.

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1. To exclude a recipient from the list, choose the name of the person you wish to remove in the Selected Users section and click on Remove.

Change static text in the message

You can include static information in the message: every time the workflow creates an instance of the email task notification, this text will be the same.

  • In the Define email message window, position the cursor where you want the text to appear. Then, type the information directly in the message body or subject line.

You can access comprehensive details regarding this task on SharePoint.

Add dynamic to the message

Using dynamically changing information in a task notification can be beneficial. This includes incorporating comments from other individuals involved in the workflow or including specific references like client IDs to ensure accuracy. Normally, when adding dynamic content, you utilize the value of a field within the current item or task within the workflow.

To add dynamic content to an email task notification:

How do I send an email notification in SAP?

1. Go to the Application Configuration section under System Management. This is where you can make changes to various settings related to your SAP system.

Step 3 – Publish the changes

On the ribbon in the task settings page, click Publish. The resultant email will include the changes you made for all future tasks.

What is Workflow email notification?

Once a record that meets one or more Workflow rules is submitted for approval, the approver receives a notification informing them of the items that require their approval. In case default recipients are not specified, IBM MRO Inventory Optimization prompts you to provide this information.

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– After submitting a record for approval, the approver is notified about the items requiring their approval.

– If default recipients are not mentioned, IBM MRO Inventory Optimization asks for specific recipient details.

How to set up the email notification for flexible Workflow in SAP S 4HANA Cloud?


How do I send a workflow email?

Create a new workflow. Select Actions, and then select Send an Email. In the Action, select these users. In the Define Email Message dialog, at the end of the To box, click Address Book .

Can SAP send automated emails?

– This feature streamlines communication processes by eliminating manual intervention and reducing costs associated with physical printing and mailing.