Job opportunities for Sap Business One in Singapore

Sap Business One Jobs In Singapore

Singapore, Singapore 1 week ago

SAP Business One Application Consultant Jobs in Singapore

Singapore, Singapore 1 week ago

Sap Business One Functional Consultant Jobs in Singapore

Singapore, Singapore 3 hours ago

SAP Business One Consultant (Japanese Accounts) Jobs in Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

Singapore, a city-state located in Southeast Asia, recently had job openings related to Sap Business One. These opportunities were available one week ago and were specifically based in Singapore itself.

SAP Business One Executive Jobs in Singapore

Singapore, Singapore 1 week ago

IT Executive

Singapore, Singapore. The text was written 7 hours ago.

SAP Business ByDesign Consultant Jobs in Singapore

Singapore, Singapore 1 week ago

Customer Support Assistant (Changi/Up to ₹3200/Contract)

Singapore, Singapore. This text was written three weeks ago.

Finance Executive

Singapore, Singapore. This text was written two weeks ago.

Finance Associate Executive, Accounts Payable

Singapore, Singapore. It has been five days since this event occurred.

SAP Business One consultant salary: How much do they earn?

The salary range for SAP B1 Consultants in India varies from ₹ 1.8 Lakhs to ₹ 12.0 Lakhs, with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.9 Lakhs. These figures are based on the latest data collected from 117 SAP B1 Consultants across the country.

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SAP B1 Consultants play a crucial role in implementing and managing the SAP Business One software for businesses in India. They are responsible for analyzing business requirements, configuring the system, training users, and providing ongoing support to ensure smooth operations.

P.S: The salary estimates mentioned above may vary depending on factors such as experience level, location, company size, and industry sector. It is always advisable to research further or consult with professionals in order to get accurate information regarding specific job opportunities and compensation packages within the field of SAP Business One consulting in India.

Is SAP an ideal employer in Singapore?

In addition to these perks, being employed by SAP means joining a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. The company values diversity among its workforce and promotes equal opportunities for all employees. This creates an environment where different perspectives are valued and collaboration thrives.

Overall, with its reputation as an attractive employer offering excellent career prospects along with competitive compensation packages and fostering diversity & inclusion efforts,SAP stands out as one of the most sought-after companies to work for in Singapore.


2) Competitive Salaries: Employees at SAP receive competitive remuneration packages.

3) Career Development: Opportunities for growth through training programs are available at SAP.

4) Innovation Focus: Working on innovative projects that have global impact is part of the job at SAP.

5) Diversity & Inclusion: A diverse workplace culture that values different perspectives is fostered by the company

How simple is SAP Business One?

Is SAP software easy to learn? Yes, SAP software, including SAP Business One, is known for being user-friendly and easy to learn. However, due to its extensive range of features and functionalities, it does require time and effort to fully master. To facilitate the learning process, implementation of the software is typically done through a service partner who provides training services.

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The monthly cost of SAP Business One?

The cost of SAP Business One varies depending on the type of license. A Limited License is priced at $56 per user per month, while a Professional License costs $108 per user per month. To obtain more information about licensing details and types, you can download our licensing guide.