Pricing structure of Sap S 4Hana Cloud

Sap S 4Hana Cloud Pricing Model

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SAP HANA Cloud Pricing Structure

The pricing model for SAP S/4HANA Cloud is based on the SAP HANA Cloud capacity unit (CU). This flexible approach allows customers to choose the right combination of services needed for their workload, with the number of CUs determined by the specific requirements. The services that contribute to CU consumption include core application, integrated multi-tier storage, data integration, and multi-model engines.


Pricing for SAP S/4HANA Cloud is based on a metric called “Capacity Units” which is calculated according to the services used through the Cloud Service. The Capacity Unit pricing is determined by referring to specific documents such as the Product Supplement, Service Description Guide, or Service Use Description. This metric has a monthly entitlement and decreases as it is utilized.

The product requires a minimum quantity of 100 Capacity Units.

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Included: This package comprises of one active tenant.

The minimum duration for the Sap S 4Hana Cloud product contract is three months. If the contract is less than a year, the yearly price and quantity will be adjusted proportionally based on the number of months in the contract.

Payment options:

– Invoice payment is available for all countries.

In order to utilize this service, it is necessary to obtain a license for SAP Business Application Studio as well.

Available languages: English is the only supported language.

What sets S 4HANA apart from S 4HANA cloud?

By automating updates, SAP S/4HANA Cloud saves businesses valuable time that they can use for more important tasks related to their operations. It eliminates the need for dedicated IT personnel or experts within a company who would otherwise be responsible for manually installing updates and maintaining the system regularly.

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Distinguishing SAP HANA Cloud from s4 Hana

The pricing model for SAP S/4HANA Cloud is designed to offer flexibility and scalability to businesses. With the cloud version, implementation becomes faster compared to the on-premises option. This is because the cloud version utilizes a pre-configured platform that has already been provisioned, implemented, and thoroughly tested by the cloud provider. As a result, businesses can save time and effort in setting up a new environment.

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Distinguishing SAP HANA Cloud from SAP S 4HANA Cloud

SAP HANA is a powerful database and application server that stores data in memory, allowing for faster processing and analysis of information. It helps businesses to run their operations more efficiently.

The SAP Cloud Platform (formerly known as SAP HANA Cloud Platform) is a cloud-based platform offered by SAP. It provides tools and services for developing, deploying, and managing applications in the cloud environment. This Platform as a Service offering allows businesses to leverage the benefits of cloud computing without having to worry about infrastructure management.

1. SAP HANA: A fast database and application server.

2. SAP S/4HANA: The latest ERP solution with integrated business functions.

3. SAP Cloud Platform: A cloud-based platform for developing applications easily.

Licensing for SAP HANA

To proceed with applying the license key, simply access SAP HANA cockpit and navigate to “Upload System DB License” option. From there, you can select the previously received text file containing your license key and initiate the licensing process. This ensures that your SAP S/4HANA Cloud system is properly licensed and ready for use.