Reprocessing IDoc in SAP: A Guide

How To Reprocess Idoc In Sap

How to reprocess an Idoc: Go to transaction BD87. Enter Idoc number, and check that the dates are correct. Click the Execute button or press F8. To reprocess, select the Idoc status in the “IDOC in inbound processing” tree. Click the Process button. More items

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IDoc Reprocessing in SAP

To handle incoming IDocs, you can make use of various programs. If accessible, a program can also be executed using the assigned transaction code, which is shown in the final column.

Sta­tus Des­cript­ion Pro­gra­m Co­de
51 Appli­cation doc­ument not pos­ted RBD MANI2
56 IDoc with errors added RBD AGAI2 BD 84
60 Error during syntax check of IDoc (inbound) RBD SYNEI
61 Processing despite syntax error (inbound) RBD AGAI2 BD 84
63 Error passing IDoc to application RBD AGAI2 BD 84
64 IDoc ready to be transferred to app­lica­tion RBD APP01 BD 20
65 Error in ALE ser­vice RBD AGAI2 BD 84
66 IDoc is waiting for pre­dece­ssor IDoc (serial­izat­ion) RBD APP01 BD 20
69 IDoc was edited RBDA GAIE WP IE

In SAP, you can utilize transaction SE38 to invoke a program. This can be done by referring to the accompanying illustration.

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Enter the appropriate program name in the Program text box and initiate it by pressing F8.

How to reprocess outbound IDocs in SAP

There are several programs available in SAP that can be used to handle outbound IDocs.

Sta­tus Des­cript­ion Pro­gram Co­de
02 Error passing data to port RBDA GAIN BD 83
04 Error within control infor­mat­ion of EDI sub­system RBDA GAIN BD 83
05 Error during translation RBDA GAIN BD 83
25 Processing despite syntax error (outbound) RBDA GAIN BD 83
26 Error during syntax check of IDoc (outbound) RBDS YNEO
29 Error in ALE ser­vice RBDA GAIN BD 83
30 IDoc ready for dispatch (ALE service) RSEO UT00 WE 14
32 IDoc was edited RBDA GAIE WP IE

How to reprocess IDoc in SAP frontend

SAP provides two extra programs that act as the interface for all the programs involved in handling incoming and outgoing IDocs. These programs do not have specific transaction codes assigned to them, so they typically need to be initiated through transaction SE38.

SAP Idoc Reprocessing: RBDINPUT Program

The RBDINPUT program allows for the execution of various programs to handle incoming IDocs. The screenshot below displays the interface of this application.

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By utilizing the RBDOUTPU program, various programs can be accessed to handle the outbound processing of IDocs. The accompanying illustration displays the user interface of this program.

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How to Re-Process IDoc in SAP: A Guide

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How to manually reprocess an IDoc in SAP?

If you want to reprocess the IDOC with the correct storage location use the transaction code WE19 and enter the existing IDOC number and press enter. You will be faced with test tool for IDOC processing screen enter the correct value of storage location in corresponding field and click standard inbound icon.

Distinguishing WE19 from BD87

BD87 is used specifically for reprocessing failed IDocs, retaining the original IDoc number, and allowing the processing of multiple IDocs at once. On the other hand, WE19 is an IDoc test tool used for testing and debugging inbound function modules, generating new IDoc numbers for each test, and viewing IDoc statuses.

Reprocessing IDoc with status 03 in SAP

1) Go to WE19 enter your IDOC number which already has status 03 and execute. 2) On next screen it will display the IDOC, choose approporate button on toolbar (standard Function Module) to process it. 3) This will generate the new IDOC similar to the one which was posted completely.

Reprocessing IDoc in status 51: How can it be done?

Enter IDocs status 51 and press enter. After checking the error in transaction BD87 and the root cause, it should be possible to reprocess the IDoc following the steps below: Goto WE19, select IDoc and execute. The details will be shown of the IDoc.

What is the process for reprocessing an existing IDoc?

Go to the Transaction “WE02”.Go to the Transaction “WE19”.Then go to the Transaction “SE37” and enter the function module (ZAU_CONCUR_IDOC_UPLD) put a break point in the function module as shown in the below.Go the Transaction “BD20”, enter the newly generated IDOC and execute.