Resume Example for SAP FICO Consultant with 4 Years of Experience

Sample Resume For Sap Fico Consultant 4 Years Experience

The role of a SAP FICO consultant involves the design, implementation, and deployment of ERP solutions using SAP software for clients. The responsibilities mentioned in the resume of a SAP FICO consultant include understanding client requirements, creating project plans, executing projects, validating report needs, customizing and implementing changes, providing end-user training, conducting thorough testing procedures, ensuring solution stability, collaborating with client finance teams closely and addressing daily user queries.

To excel as a Sap consultant, it is essential to possess adequate knowledge of Sap applications along with strong time management and communication skills. A properly crafted resume should highlight proficiency in accounting, precision, organizational abilities, and computer expertise. Many individuals applying for this position hold either an accounting or information technology degree.

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SAP Fico Consultant Resume

Objective: With more than four years of hands-on experience, I have successfully implemented, configured, and customized the SAP FI/CO module while leveraging my accounting background.

Skills: Proficient in SAP FI, Tririga, SAP CO, SAP Simple Finance, and Financial Supply Chain Management.

SAP Fico Consultant I Resume

Skills: Proficient in SAP FICO, adept at financial management and accounting, skilled in using MS Office.

SAP Fico Consultant-Junior Resume

Objective: With more than 6 years of experience as an SAP R/3 FI/CO consultant, I have successfully participated in two extensive SAP configuration projects. I possess exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, enabling me to provide excellent post-implementation support round the clock. My track record demonstrates my ability to work effectively both independently and within a team environment.

Sr. SAP Fico Consultant Resume

Objective: With more than 3 years of practical experience in Financial Accounting (FI) and Controlling (CO) modules, as well as their integration with logistics modules such as SD and MM, I have successfully contributed to three complete implementation cycles using the ASAP methodology. My expertise spans across all project phases.

Abilities: Planning and designing business processes, implementing them in real-world scenarios, preparing data for testing purposes, managing financial transactions.

Sap Fico Consultant II Resume

Skills: Proficient in SAP, experienced in conducting business analysis, skilled in managing records and handling journal entries.


1. Led the implementation of SAP finance process for a multinational brewery client, ensuring end-to-end execution.

2. Conducted an analysis of the current process and identified gaps between the existing and desired processes, resulting in an optimized solution.

3. Integrated Material Management, Sales and Distribution modules with Finance module to establish a unified procurement company globally.

4. Created LSMW recordings to migrate master data from legacy systems to SAP system, reducing manual effort by 5 days.

5. Ensured client satisfaction by addressing root causes of issues and managing incidents/defects through HPQC, ServiceNow, and Maximo tools.

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6. Provided mentorship and training on business processes and company procedures to 6 new recruits.

7. Headed a team of three members during the testing phase of the project, delivering high-quality results for client satisfaction.

SAP Fico Consultant Resume for 4 Years of Experience

Objective: With over 6 years of extensive experience as an SAP FI/CO Functional Consultant, I have successfully worked on various implementation and production support projects. My expertise lies in handling financials and controlling modules within SAP R/3 and ECC 6.0 systems.

Skills: Knowledge of organizational structure, proficiency in MS Office Suite, and experience with journal entries.

How to include SAP experience in your CV?

To create a resume for a SAP FICO consultant with 4 years of experience, you need to follow certain steps. First, choose a format and add a header at the top of your resume. This will make it look organized and professional.

In the next section, describe your skill set in detail. Include all relevant technical skills related to SAP FICO such as proficiency in using specific software or tools used in this field.

Additionally, mention any professional organizations or activities you are involved in related to SAP FICO consulting. This can demonstrate your dedication to staying updated with industry trends and networking opportunities.

By following these steps while creating your resume for an SAP FICO consultant position with 4 years of experience will help showcase your qualifications effectively.

SAP Fico Consultant-Assistant Resume

Summary : Strong software engineering background with 9+ years Information Technology industry experience including SAP R/3 FI/CO functional experience and six full life cycle implementations of SAP R/3 FI/CO Modules (FI- GL, New GL, AR, AP, AA, CO-CEL, CCA, PCA, CO-PA).

Skills: Proficient in SAP R/3 FICO Versions, experienced in financial management and accounting, skilled in using MS Office Suite.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for gathering requirements and identifying interfaces for a finance company.

2. Collected high-level financial information requirements and translated them into an appropriate SAP financial hierarchy.

3. Supported all phases of the project life cycle, including analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, documentation, and end-user training.

4. Executed various tasks on SAP such as bank reconciliation, month-end close activities, inter-company billing processes, accounts payable check payments, and payroll management.

5. Revamped business processes related to inter-company billing procedures,vendor payment methods,and payroll uploads.

6. Prepared functional specifications for different interfaces (inbound/outbound) with legacy systems like CASS,

PTMS,VIS etc.,and documented the same.

7.Worked on 1099 vendors reporting,dowpayment processing,and EDI outbound/inbound operations

Salary of a SAP FICO consultant with 3 years experience in the US

Experienced workers in this role have the potential to earn up to $161,830 per year. These individuals have likely spent years honing their expertise and establishing themselves as valuable assets within their organizations. They may have taken on more complex projects or assumed leadership roles that contribute significantly to their higher salaries.

To maximize your earning potential as a Sap Fico Consultant in India or anywhere else globally, consider investing time and effort into continuous learning and professional development opportunities. Stay updated with industry trends by attending workshops or pursuing certifications relevant to your field of expertise.

Additionally, networking with professionals already established in this domain can provide valuable insights into job prospects and salary negotiations. Building strong relationships with clients and employers based on trust and delivering exceptional results will also increase your chances of securing higher-paying opportunities throughout your career journey as a Sap Fico Consultant.

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SAP Fico Consultant-Lead Resume

Objective: With over 3 years of hands-on experience in functional configuration using SAP R/3 and SAP ERP FICO modules, I have actively participated in three end-to-end implementations within the SAP FI/CO ECC 6.0 environment. These implementations encompassed various industries, including service and manufacturing sectors, involving tasks such as ASAP methodology application, business process re-engineering, report generation, and comprehensive testing. Additionally, my expertise extends to integrating FI with CO, MM, SD, WM and PM modules for seamless data flow across multiple functionalities.

Skills: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Asset Accounting Modules, Cash Management, Financial Accounting and Profitability Analysis (FI and PCA modules), Product Costing and Controlling-Product Costing with CO-PA.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Collaborated with users, development teams, and production teams to address and resolve issues related to FI (Financial Accounting) and CO (Controlling) modules within DMS (Document Management System).

2. Developed standardized change documents and test scripts for user testing.

3. Provided support for custom master data in production environment, including documentation of post-processing activities for lockbox payments.

4. Configured the Automatic Payment Program for check runs, which involved setting up bank details, creating check lots, defining house banks, and establishing payment methods.

5. Set up the operating concern in SAP system by creating characteristics, value fields, and valuations necessary for product costing.

6. Adjusted foreign currency valuation settings to accurately reflect exchange rate differences on the income statement at the end of each period.

7. Defined fiscal year variant settings along with posting periods, tolerance groups, document types,and number ranges as per business requirements.

SAP FICO Job Description: An Overview of Roles and Responsibilities

To break it down further:

1. Designing SAP Solutions: Your responsibility will be to come up with effective strategies and plans for implementing SAP software within a company. This involves understanding the business requirements and customizing the solution accordingly.

2. Implementing Solutions: Once you have designed the solution, you will work on putting it into action by configuring the necessary settings in the SAP system. This may involve integrating different modules like Finance (FICO), Sales & Distribution (SD), or Materials Management (MM) based on client needs.

3. Deploying Solutions: After implementation, you will oversee the deployment of these solutions across various departments or locations within an organization. This includes training end-users on how to use the system effectively and ensuring smooth transition and adoption of new processes.

Overall, your role as a SAP FICO consultant is crucial in helping companies optimize their financial management processes using advanced technology like SAP software systems

SAP Fico Consultant Resume with 4 Years of Experience

Summary : Over 9+ years of experience as SAP FICO Functional consultant with three full life cycle implementation and two production support projects. Worked in different phases of Implementation – Realization, Design, Customization, Configuration, Testing, Go-Live and production support phases.


2. Accountable for gathering business needs, conducting workshops with users, designing, configuring, testing, and providing post-implementation support.

3. Assessing existing documents to recommend suitable SAP processes (AS-IS to TO-BE).

4. Developed functional specifications for Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms, and workflows (RICEFW) based on business requirements.

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5. Customized account groups, fiscal year variants, posting period variants,

field status groups,

posting keys,

automatic account determination,

and document types.

6. Configured Account Receivable and Accounts Payable modules along with necessary prerequisites for creating vendor master records.

7. Participated in the complete project life cycle implementation including blueprint preparation,



end-user training

and go-live phases

Is SAP FICO difficult?

– Learning SAP FICO does not pose significant difficulties.

– The level of difficulty varies based on personal commitment and interest.

– Hard work is essential for successful acquisition of new skills or knowledge.

SAP Fico Consultant-Tech Resume

Objective: With a vast background in SAP FICO Techno-Functional Analysis, I have gained extensive experience through involvement in numerous end-to-end implementation projects. My expertise lies in designing, re-engineering business processes, implementing and customizing solutions, configuring systems, integrating components, overseeing go-live events and providing ongoing support. Additionally, I possess valuable skills in functional design for developing customized applications or enhancing existing legacy systems.

Expertise: Project Administration, Financial Control, Bookkeeping, SAP.

SAP Fico Consultant-Temp Resume

Skills: Proficient in working with various databases such as Oracle, MS Access, and SQL Server. Experienced in utilizing the ERP system SAP R/3 ECC 4.6, 4.7, and 6.0 across multiple modules including Finance, Oil, Banking, Manufacturing, Automotive, Distribution, Inventory, and Sales.

Job Responsibilities:

2. Created new cost centers by establishing hierarchy groups and coordinating activity costs for these centers in the production environment.

3. Developed functional specifications for all configurations performed and followed best practices outlined in RICEF (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms) methodology.

4. Utilized LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) to set up and execute upload programs for migrating legacy master data into SAP system.

5. Prepared UAT test scripts specifically for Asset Depreciation Run and provided support on FI-related touchpoints with SD (Sales & Distribution) and MM (Materials Management) during UAT phase.

6. Mapped tax jurisdiction codes to facilitate fixed asset valuation process and migration of tax-exempt certificates using Vertex software.

7. Analyzed revenue recognition and deferred revenue schemes pertaining to service contracts while migrating from a legacy system to SAP platform.

Sap Fico Consultant Resume

Objective: With more than 4 years of professional experience in the FI and CO modules, I have worked across various industries such as Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Service Industries. During this time, I have successfully completed three full life cycle implementations of SAP FI/CO module. My responsibilities included gathering business requirements, conducting gap analysis, designing blueprints, configuring systems, performing unit testing, providing user training and support during production.

Skills: Financial Planning, SAP, Journal Entries, Budget Management.

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SAP FICO consultants in India earn an average annual salary of ₹14,15,729. This figure represents the typical compensation received by professionals working in this role across the country. In addition to their base salary, SAP FICO consultants can also expect to receive additional cash compensation amounting to an average of ₹7,20,000 per year.

The range for this additional cash compensation remains consistent at ₹7,20,000 across all levels of experience and expertise within the field. This means that regardless of whether a consultant has four years or more than ten years of experience in SAP FICO consulting, they can anticipate receiving this same level of extra income.