SAP ABAP: Understanding Function Module Exit

Function Module Exit In Sap Abap

In SAP ABAP, function module exit is a powerful feature that allows developers to enhance the functionality of standard SAP programs without modifying their original code. This article provides an overview of function module exits and explains how they can be used to add custom logic and extend the capabilities of SAP applications. By leveraging function module exits, developers can ensure flexibility and maintainability in their customizations while keeping the core system intact.

Types of Customer Exits in SAP ABAP

Function module exits, screen exits, and menu exits are different types of enhancements in SAP ABAP.

SAP ABAP Function Module Exit

Function Module Exit enables the inclusion of additional code within a function module. By utilizing this feature, one can incorporate a function module call at a designated position in an application program.

SAP ABAP Screen Exit

The Function Module Exit in SAP ABAP enables the addition of fields to a screen in an SAP program through the use of a sub-screen. This sub-screen is incorporated into the flow logic of the standard screen.

SAP ABAP Menu Exit

The Menu Exit feature in SAP ABAP enables the addition of extra options to a dropdown menu within a standard SAP program. These additional options can be used to launch add-on programs or custom screens.

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SAP ABAP: Understanding Function Module Exit

Step-1: Open the SE93 transaction and input VD01 as the transaction code.

It presents the Display Dialog Transaction screen, showcasing information such as the following.

Step-2: Click on SAPMF02D and open the program by double-clicking on it.

Step-3: Click on the find and enter the text as ‘CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION’. Click on Continue icon to start text.

Step-4: The result gets displayed like below. Click on ‘CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION’ to get open in Edit mode.

Step-5: Place the cursor on ‘001’ and double click on it to get the function module get opened like below.

Step-6: After obtaining the function module(EXIT_SAPMF02D_001), proceed to SE11 transaction in order to retrieve the information about the enhancement.

The MODSAP table contains information about enhancements and their associated function modules. To view this information, simply click on the display button.

Step-7: Select the contents option and input the member name as EXIT_SAPMF02D_001, then proceed with execution.

Step 8: The output shows the name of the enhancement as depicted below -.

Please be aware that in many cases, the module name and enhancement name are identical.

Step-1: Open the CMOD transaction and create a new project by entering its name and clicking on the create button.

Step 2: Input the brief description and click on the save button.

Provide the package information on the following screen and select the Local Object option.

Step 3: Select the option for enhancement assignments to input the necessary information and save your changes.

Step-4: Click on Components to get the enhancement details. Double click on function exit EXIT_SAPMF02D_001 to open the source code.

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Step-5: Double click on INCLUDE to add the code changes. Add the below code to the INCLUDE ‘ZXF04U01’.

Validating Function Module Exit in SAP ABAP

After the country code is modified to IN, the following message will be shown.

What is the module for customer exit function?

To implement a customer exit, a developer creates a function module and then includes it in the relevant point of the standard program. The code for the function module is written by the developer and can be used to modify or extend the behavior of the standard program.

P.S: Customer exits provide flexibility for developers to customize SAP programs without modifying them directly. By using these exits, developers can add additional logic or modify existing functionality according to specific business requirements while still benefiting from future updates provided by SAP.

Stopping a function in SAP: How can it be done?

– The EXIT statement allows for exiting out of a Function Module.

– Sub-routines can be employed within a Function Module.

– When using an EXIT statement inside a sub-routine, it will only exit from the respective sub-routine and not from the entire FM.

– To handle this scenario effectively, returning sy-subrc value as a parameter of the sub-routine is advised.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance!

SAP: Which function key is used for exiting?

When you press the F3 key on your keyboard, it will take you back to the previous screen in SAP ABAP. On the other hand, if you press Shift-F3, it will exit the current program or transaction and return you to the main menu.

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Function module exits provide flexibility for customization without modifying standard SAP programs directly. They allow developers to enhance existing functionality by adding additional checks, validations, calculations, or any other required actions.

Here are some key points about function module exits:

1. Customization: Function module exits enable developers to customize standard SAP programs without altering their original code.

2. Pre- and Post-processing: Developers can add their custom logic before (pre-exit) or after (post-exit) the execution of standard processing in an SAP program.

3. Event-driven: Function modules are triggered based on predefined events within an SAP program.

4. Enhancements: Function modules can be enhanced with additional parameters and structures as per specific requirements.

5. Reusability: Once created, function modules can be reused across multiple programs or transactions within an SAP system.