Sap Ecc Fi Financial Accounting Fees

Sap Ecc Fi Financial Accounting Fees

SAP ECC FI (Financial Accounting) is a software module that offers comprehensive financial management and reporting capabilities for businesses. In order to utilize this module, companies are required to pay certain fees. These fees cover the cost of implementing and maintaining the SAP ECC FI system, as well as any additional services or support provided by SAP. Understanding the fees associated with SAP ECC FI is essential for organizations considering its implementation, as it allows them to plan their budget effectively and make informed decisions regarding their financial management needs. This article provides an overview of the various fees involved in using SAP ECC FI and highlights key considerations for businesses looking to adopt this financial accounting solution.

How much does SAP cost for finance and accounting?

Lastly, keep in mind that investing in professional certifications like SAP FICO can greatly enhance your career prospects by increasing your knowledge and skills in finance management systems. Consider it as an investment rather than just an expense since it has potential long-term benefits such as better job opportunities or salary increments.

SAP FICO Certification Course Fees in India

An SAP certification serves as an initial step for professionals to enhance their skills and qualifications. Clients often require certified consultants who have experience in improving SAP systems.

At eLearning Solutions, you have the opportunity to obtain SAP FICO Certification directly from SAP at a cost of only 17500 INR to 20000 INR. This fee is significantly lower compared to other institutes and classes offering similar courses. The course itself is priced at just 22000 INR.

The SAP certification program is categorized into three tiers.

Different levels of certification, such as Integration Level, Skilled Level, and Advanced Level, are available for SAP ECC FI Financial Accounting. The cost of obtaining a level-level certificate is approximately 40K INR, while at the technical level it amounts to 60K INR. Additional training may be required for the technical level and the associated costs can vary depending on the company. Various institutions offer these certifications along with other benefits in terms of relevant study packages. For more information and to enroll in a course, it is recommended to visit their website without delay.

SAP FICO Course Fees in Bangalore, India

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SAP FICO course fees and duration in India

SAP FICO is a crucial module within SAP ERP Central Component that enables businesses to effectively handle their financial information. It provides a comprehensive storage solution for all financial transaction data, allowing organizations to generate and manage financial statements for analysis, reporting, and informed decision-making.

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SAP FICO Course Fees in Hyderabad

SAP ECC, also known as SAP ERP, is an on-premise ERP system that includes SAP FICO to support financial accounting and controlling tasks.

SAP FI modules

SAP FI allows companies to generate financial statements for analysis and reporting purposes. These statements can include balance sheets and profit and loss statements. SAP FI is comprised of various sub-modules that manage different accounting procedures.

SAP CO modules

While SAP FI deals with a company’s accounting and internal and external reporting, SAP CO supports processes to plan, report on and monitor costs from business operations. SAP CO can be instrumental in improving the company’s profitability. Similar to SAP FI, SAP CO is comprised of sub-modules that handle specific processes:

The SAP FICO Course is a certified program that focuses on the Finance and Cost controlling module within SAP ERP. In this course, FI stands for Financial Accounting and CO stands for Controlling.

The SAP FICO module is robust and encompasses various business cycles encountered in different industries.

SAP FICO training programs are available in both offline and online formats. Additionally, various providers such as Udemy, Coursera, edx, eLearning Solutions, etc., offer different online SAP FICO certification courses.

Upon completion of SAP FICO courses, graduates can secure positions such as Project Leader, Module Lead, Process Developer, and SAP Functional Consultant. The anticipated yearly income for these roles ranges from INR 2,00,000 to INR 8,00,000.

The salary for individuals with a SAP FICO certificate can vary depending on their experience, ranging from INR 200,000 to INR 600,000 per year.

Here are some options for SAP ECC FI Financial Accounting fees in India:

– eLearning Solutions offers a SAP FICO course that lasts for 85 hours and costs INR 22,000.

– Udemy provides a course on SAP FICO with Electronic Bank Statement (EBS), Lockbox, and APP-DMEE. The duration of the course is 7.26 hours and it is priced at INR 1,280.

– Another Udemy course titled “SAP FICO For Beginners – A Guide to SAP Financial Accounts” has a duration of 5 hours and costs INR 8,960.

– Gangboard offers SAP FICO training which spans over 30 hours and is available at a fee of INR 35,000.

The primary distinction between SAP FICO and S4 HANA Finance lies in the technology they utilize. SAP FICO operates on the ECC model, whereas S4 HANA Finance (Simple Finance) is built on the cloud-based in-memory HANA database.

The SAP FICO module is designed to assist in the management of financial transactions within companies. It provides a centralized system for employees to handle data related to financial and banking activities.

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SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is a module in the SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that handles all aspects of sales and distribution processes. S4 HANA is the latest version of SAP’s ERP suite, built on the SAP HANA in-memory database platform. It provides real-time data processing capabilities, improved


Salesforce Administrator Training is designed for individuals who have no prior knowledge of the Salesforce backend. While it is not mandatory to comprehend the front end of the system in order to participate in this training, having an understanding of the user experience will greatly enhance your skills as a Sys Admin.

Salesforce Developer Training

Salesforce Developer training enhances your abilities and understanding in creating personalized applications on the Salesforce platform by utilizing Apex code programming and the Visualforce UI framework. It encompasses the essential aspects of application development through practical projects and employs scenarios to assist you in grasping the concepts effectively.

SAP EWM Financial Accounting Fees

SAP EWM, which stands for Extended Warehouse Management, is a top-notch product by SAP that offers a Warehouse Management System. Initially introduced in 2007 as part of the SAP SCM suite, it later became available as an independent product. The most recent version of this software is now available.

Oracle PL-SQL Training Program in India

Oracle PL-SQL is widely recognized as the top database in the industry. As its value continues to increase, there is a growing demand for professionals with Oracle PL-SQL certification. In Pune, eLearning Solutions stands out as a reputable institute offering comprehensive training in Oracle PL-SQL. We firmly believe in the importance of obtaining this certification to secure suitable employment opportunities.

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Sap Ecc Fi Financial Accounting Fees: An Overview

Pune Elearning solution is the top-rated institute in Pune for PEGA training. PEGA is a popular tool used for Business Process Management, developed using Java and OOP principles. It aims to enhance business efficiency and reduce costs.

SAP PP (Production Planning) Training Institute Fees

SAP PP training in Pune is focused on providing knowledge and skills related to the SAP Production Planning module. This module plays a crucial role in managing various aspects of the production process, such as capacity planning, master production scheduling, material requirement planning shop floor activities, and more. With comprehensive training in SAP PP, individuals can gain expertise in handling these essential functions effectively.

SAP ECC FI Financial Accounting Training Fees in Pune

SAP BW is a data warehousing application developed by SAP. It utilizes an SAP NetWeaver application server and can be compatible with various databases. Each version of the training courses for SAP BW on HANA brings enhancements, but significant improvements in functionality occur when installing SAP BW on HANA.

Sap Hana Simple Logistics Training Course Fees

SAP ECC FI Financial Accounting Fees can vary depending on various factors. The cost of implementing and maintaining SAP ECC FI system in an organization can include expenses such as licensing fees, consulting fees, training fees, customization fees, and ongoing support and maintenance costs. These fees are typically based on the size and complexity of the organization, as well as the specific requirements and functionalities needed for financial accounting processes. It is important for organizations to carefully consider their budget and requirements when planning for SAP ECC FI implementation to ensure a successful and cost-effective deployment of the system.

Sap ABAP On HANA Training Courses Fees

ABAP continues to be an essential programming language for SAP applications and custom developments. With the availability of ABAP on HANA training courses, there have been several enhancements in writing efficient ABAP code and leveraging the benefits of SAP HANA. SAP HANA is a database management system used within the SAP ecosystem.

Sap Hana Training Courses

Elearning solutions provide training suit for Oracle Apps R12 SCM with training from industry experts. The organizations are adopting Oracle’s supply chain management cloud as they deliver the insights, visibility, and capabilities for organizations’ management. Oracle Apps R12 SCM allows the industry to create own intelligent supply chain. Hence, it

Oracle Apps R12 Technical Training Course and Module Overview

Oracle Apps R12 Technical Course Elearning solutions is the top-rated training program for Oracle Apps R12 technical skills in Pune. It is run by highly skilled and certified trainers who have extensive experience in the IT industry. The course curriculum is designed to reflect real-world scenarios, ensuring practical knowledge and expertise.

SAP FICO (Financial Accounting) Online Training and Certification in Pune

Elearning solutions stands as the top SAP FICO training center in Pune. The Finance and Cost controlling module, known as SAP FICO, holds great significance within organizations due to its extensive usage and effectiveness in handling various business processes. In this module, FI plays a crucial role.

Admission Details for SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Training Course

Elearning platforms offer comprehensive SAP SD training courses that cater to students who wish to gain a deep understanding of SAP SD concepts and apply them in real-world scenarios. These training programs are conducted by industry professionals with extensive knowledge and experience, ensuring that students grasp the practical aspects of the subject matter.

Become a Certified SAP WM (Warehouse Management) Professional

Elearning solutions offers comprehensive SAP WM training with a strong emphasis on practical learning. The main objective of the training is to ensure successful job placements for all students. The course curriculum is specifically designed to cater to the needs of those who aspire to work on real-life projects in organizations.

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SAP MM (Material Management) Course Modules Training Fees

Elearning solutions is the top SAP MM training institute in Pune, specializing in providing comprehensive training on SAP MM. This module is a crucial component of the SAP ERP system and focuses on managing material and inventory within an organization.

SAP ECC FI Financial Accounting Course Fees

Elearning Solutions is a leading training institute in Pune that offers comprehensive SAP ABAP training to students. SAP ABAP, also known as Advanced Business Application Programming, is a programming language specifically designed for creating applications within the SAP environment, such as SAP R/3. Many organizations utilize SAP ABAP for their business needs.

What is the price of SAP FICO course in SAP?

1. Certificate Course in Advanced Accounting

2. Certificate Course in Taxation

3. Certificate Course in GST (Goods and Services Tax)

4. Certificate Course in Tally ERP9 with GST

5. Certificate Course in Financial Modeling and Valuation

These courses are available for students interested in enhancing their skills and knowledge in the field of finance and accounting.

The meaning of financial accounting in SAP FICO

SAP Financial Accounting, also known as SAP ECC FI (Enterprise Central Component Financial Accounting), is a comprehensive software solution that effectively manages various financial transactions within an organization. It encompasses several key areas such as fixed asset accounting, bank accounting, cash journal, inventory management, tax accounting, general ledger functions, accounts receivable and payable management.

In the realm of fixed asset accounting, SAP ECC FI enables businesses to efficiently track and manage their tangible assets throughout their lifecycle. This includes recording acquisitions and retirements of assets, calculating depreciation values based on different methods like straight-line or declining balance method. Additionally, it provides functionalities for managing asset transfers between departments or locations.

The cash journal functionality helps companies maintain accurate records of daily cash inflows and outflows. It simplifies the process of recording petty cash expenses while ensuring proper documentation for auditing purposes.

Inventory management in SAP ECC FI ensures effective control over stock levels by providing real-time visibility into inventory movements across different warehouses or storage locations. This aids in optimizing procurement decisions and minimizing carrying costs associated with excess inventory.

Tax accounting features enable businesses to comply with local tax regulations by automating tax calculations and reporting requirements accurately. The system supports multiple taxation schemes applicable in various countries or regions.

General ledger functions encompass maintaining a centralized repository for all financial transactions within an organization. This includes posting journal entries from other modules like accounts receivable/payable or payroll systems to ensure accurate financial reporting at any given time.

Does SAP FICO function as accounting software?

SAP FICO allows businesses to expand themselves on a strong foundation of a proper accounting channel. It has the capability of meeting all the accounting and financial needs of an organization. Utilizing it can enable your company to reach greater heights.

What is the top SAP for accounting?

1. SAP ECC FI (Enterprise Central Component Financial Accounting) is an integrated module in the SAP ERP system.

2. It focuses on managing financial transactions, accounting data, and reporting processes.

3. The module covers various sub-modules such as General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Asset Accounting (AA), and Bank Accounting (BA).

4. With SAP ECC FI, organizations can streamline their financial operations by automating tasks like journal entries, payment processing, and financial statement generation.

5. The module provides real-time insights into financial data through customizable reports and analytics tools.

6. It ensures compliance with legal requirements and enables efficient auditing processes.

7. SAP ECC FI integrates seamlessly with other modules like Sales & Distribution (SD) and Materials Management (MM) to provide end-to-end business process integration.

8. Implementation of SAP ECC FI requires specialized knowledge in finance and accounting principles along with technical expertise in configuring the system according to organizational needs.