Sap Fico Training Costs in Mumbai

Sap Fico Training Fees In Mumbai

SAP FICO training is in high demand in Mumbai, with professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in financial accounting and controlling. This article explores the fees associated with SAP FICO training courses offered in Mumbai. By understanding the costs involved, individuals can make informed decisions about investing in this valuable training opportunity.

Best SAP Institutes in Mumbai

– Lithan offers a 5-week Certificate Course in SAP Financial Accounting (FI) for INR 4,00,000.

– Delphi Computech provides Diploma/Certificate courses in SAP with durations ranging from 80 to 160 hours. The fees range from INR 2,00,000 to INR 3,50,000.

– IZON Technologies offers a 3-month SAP ERP training program for INR 25,000.

– ICA Edu Skills provides an SAP FICO course that lasts for 80 hours and costs INR 25,000.

– Atos India offers a comprehensive SAP Consultant Training program that spans over the course of one year and costs INR1 ,00 ,000.

– Siemens provides a one-year long SAP Training program with fees up to INR2 ,25 ,000.

– Prym It Education Center offers various courses including SAP Sap FICO HRM PP MM SD which last for two months at the cost of INR25 ,000

– Nest Technologies also has a three-month long SAP ERP training program available for IN R2500 .

– CloudLearn ERP provides an extensive SAP Certification course that requires more than fifty hours of study and costsIN R3800 .

– KOENIG Solutions offer s an intensive thirty-two-hour course on becoming a certifiedSAP Commerce Cloud Developer priced atIN R32500 .

Sap Fico Training Charges in Mumbai

Lithan is an educational institution in Mumbai that offers certification courses in different SAP specializations. The institute provides flexible program durations, enabling students to select a timeline that best fits their requirements. Lithan emphasizes practical and industry-oriented training to equip graduates with the essential skills for their desired professions.

2. Delphi Computech

Delphi Computech is a well-known institute in Mumbai that provides comprehensive SAP training programs, including technical and functional modules. The institution focuses on practical learning and industry partnerships to help students acquire real-world skills and improve their job prospects. Delphi Computech also offers courses in software development, networking, and IT management.

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3. Atos India

Atos India is a renowned institute that offers diploma courses in various disciplines. The institute focuses on enhancing practical skills and provides modern facilities to facilitate the learning experience. Atos India ensures that students receive thorough training in their respective fields of interest.

4. Prym It Education Center

Prym It provides top-notch SAP training in India and assists students in selecting a lucrative career path within the SAP field. The educational center offers various courses including SAP Fico, SAP Material Management, SAP Sales and Distribution, SAP Production Planning, and SAP Human Capital Management. Additionally, Prym It supports students with resume writing, interview readiness, and preparation for the certification test conducted by SAP Germany.

Starting Salary for SAP FICO Freshers in India

To become a SAP Fico Consultant, you need to have at least 2 years of experience in the field. This means that before applying for such a job, it is important to gain some practical knowledge and skills by working in related positions for at least two years.

It is worth noting that these figures are an average estimate and may vary depending on factors such as location, company size, and individual skills and qualifications. However, they provide a general idea of what one can expect when entering the field of SAP Fico consulting in terms of salary and experience requirements.

Sap Fico Training Costs in Mumbai

VACS Technology, in collaboration with SAP, offers programs that will help its students to become SAP professionals. The SAP programs assist individuals in acquiring the skills and knowledge required to tackle even the most difficult projects. The institute offers several SAP certifications in different areas, such as financial accounting, sales and distribution, human resources, material management, etc.

What is the cost of the SAP FICO exam in India?

The cost of SAP FICO certification in India may differ based on the training provider and the level of certification. Typically, the average cost ranges from approximately 25,000 to 75,000 Indian Rupees.

– The SAP FICO Certification Cost in India can vary depending on the training provider and the level of certification.

– On average, the cost can range from around 25,000 to 75,000 Indian Rupees.

6. Siemens

Siemens Industry offers SAP programs in the form of diplomas and certificates. The institute focuses on teaching industrial engineering and technology, providing students with hands-on experience through its advanced curriculum and facilities. The length of the diploma and certificate courses offered by Siemens Industry may vary. By engaging in practical study at the institute, graduates are well-prepared for a career in the industry. Siemens Industrial also provides internship opportunities and helps students establish connections within the industrial sector to support their future careers.

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Is there a high demand for SAP FICO in India?

The requirement for SAP FICO experts in India is strong because of the extensive implementation of SAP ERP by big companies and SMEs. This demand impacts salary structures, making SAP FICO a profitable career option for beginners.


– The demand for SAP FICO professionals in India is high.

– Large corporations and SMEs widely adopt SAP ERP.

– The adoption of SAP ERP influences salary structures.

– Freshers can find lucrative opportunities in the field of SAP FICO.

7. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is an esteemed educational institution that offers a range of professional courses and certifications. One of their notable programs is the SAP FICO Training Power User Program, which encompasses nine comprehensive modules. This course imparts knowledge on financial accounting and control, along with practical training on utilizing the SAP FICO software on servers. The curriculum covers various aspects such as fundamental concepts of SAP financial accounting, accounts payable, asset accounting, generating reports, bank accounting, cost center accounting, and more.

Age restrictions for SAP in India

There is no age limit for taking SAP courses. Find your selection of courses here .

8. Primus Academy

PRIMUS SAP Solutions Academy is a renowned authorized partner of SAP Education, providing comprehensive training on various SAP solutions to individuals, businesses, and university students via the SAP Students Academy initiative. The academy boasts highly skilled instructors and offers study materials for effective learning.

SAP Training in Mumbai: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical cost of SAP training in Mumbai?

The fees for SAP FICO training in Mumbai can differ depending on the college and the specific module or program chosen. Typically, the cost ranges from INR 45,000 to INR 3,20,000.

Which institutes in Mumbai provide SAP degree programs?

There are various educational institutions in Mumbai that provide SAP degree programs. Renowned schools like IIT Bombay, NMIMS, and SP Jain School offer specialized degree courses in SAP.

Are there any specific SAP modules or programs offered in Mumbai?

Indeed, the SAP training programs in Mumbai are tailored to cater to specific requirements. These comprehensive courses encompass various aspects of SAP, including but not limited to finance, human capital management, supply chain management, and many others.

Is it possible to enroll in a SAP course without any prior experience or knowledge in IT or computer science?

Having prior experience in IT or computer science can be beneficial for SAP training, although it may not always be necessary. Certain educational institutions offer SAP classes that include basic computer and technical skills training, enabling individuals without an IT background to participate.

How much time is typically required to complete SAP certification courses in Mumbai?

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The duration of SAP certification courses in Mumbai may differ depending on the institution or program. The length typically ranges from six weeks to one year, depending on the level of detail and comprehensiveness provided by each course.

Is there any specific criteria or requirements that need to be met in order to enroll in SAP courses in Mumbai?

Ans. There are specific prerequisites before enrolling in SAP courses. The mandatory requirement is to have completed high school. Some courses may even require a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Ques. What are the job prospects for SAP professionals in Mumbai?

There are several reputed companies in India that provide employment opportunities to SAP graduates. These include Accenture, Deloitte, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys, Capgemini, IBM, Wipro, HCL Technologies, SAP Labs India, and L&T Infotech.

Are there any scholarships or financial assistance options available for SAP courses in Mumbai?

Various institutes and training programs in Mumbai may provide different types of financial assistance, such as scholarships, for SAP courses. Students pursuing IT or computer science-related studies are advised to inquire with their respective institutions or explore external scholarship options available to them.

Can I transition into a SAP career after pursuing a different field of study?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to change careers to SAP after studying something else. Even though a background in IT or computer science can be helpful, many institutes offer SAP courses that teach the necessary skills and information to people with different types of education.

The cost of SAP FICO certification in India

The cost of SAP FICO certification in Mumbai, India can vary depending on several factors such as the training provider and the level of certification. On average, individuals can expect to pay anywhere between 25,000 to 75,000 Indian Rupees for their training.

When considering the cost of SAP FICO training in Mumbai, it is important to keep in mind that different training providers may offer varying prices based on their reputation and quality of instruction. It is advisable to research and compare multiple options before making a decision.

P.S. If you are interested in pursuing SAP FICO certification in Mumbai, be sure to thoroughly evaluate the course content and duration offered by different training providers. Additionally, consider reading reviews or seeking recommendations from professionals who have already undergone similar training programs.

Primary cost in SAP FICO: What is it?

Primary cost elements are G/L accounts that are categorized as either Primary Costs or Revenue. These cost elements represent the operating expenses incurred by a company, including wages, sales-related expenses, and administration costs. They play a crucial role in financial accounting as they help track and analyze the various costs associated with running a business.