Sap Hr Hcm Training In Hyderabad: Empowering HR Professionals with Advanced Skills

Sap Hr Hcm Training In Hyderabad

Top SAP HCM Training Institutes in Ameerpet, Hyderabad Techno Pad SAP Training Institute. 4.7627 Ratings.

– I3 IT SolutionZ. 4.8616 Ratings.

– Avina Technologies. 4.91.5k Ratings.

– Fusion Technologies. 4.024 Ratings.

– Vallala Institute Of Information Technology. 3.869 Ratings.

– RGS IT Solutions.

– SAP Globe.

– Global Coach Academy. More items

Why Opt for Igrow Soft Solutions?

Igrow soft solutions is a renowned institute in Hyderabad that offers comprehensive HR/HCM training. Their courses are designed to provide practical knowledge and prepare students for real-world challenges. They cover both basic and advanced concepts, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

Training in Igrow Soft Solutions:

At Igrow soft solutions, one of the leading HR/HCM training institutes in Hyderabad, students learn over a duration of four months from Mr Jayanth Sir who has over 11 years of experience in the industry. The content and syllabus are planned to keep in mind the requirements of the industry and the students to help them achieve their goal. We provide a soft copy of Material, classroom materials and real-time specifications to benefit the students.

Igrow Soft Solutions: Placement Opportunities in Hyderabad

Our module ensures great knowledge about HR/HCM and is designed to make the students ready for the industry. With the demand for skilled professionals across several industries, our students get placed in several MNC’s. Our records have been great over the years which has made us one of the best HR/HCM training institutes in Hyderabad.

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Benefits to Students:

Experienced and knowledgeable trainers are available to provide high-quality instruction. The class schedule is flexible, allowing for convenience. Students receive excellent guidance and support in resolving any doubts they may have. Course materials include real-life examples and practical specifications. Additionally, placement assistance is provided to help students find suitable job opportunities after completing the training. Hands-on experience with real-world scenarios and projects is also offered as part of the curriculum.


The training program is suitable for graduates with a background in BTech/BCA and proficiency in programming and problem-solving skills. It has a strong emphasis on job placement, as many students have successfully secured excellent employment opportunities over the years. Our institute stands out from other SAP HR/HCM training centers in Hyderabad due to its exceptional teaching quality.

Sap HR HCM Training in Hyderabad

A. How do your training programs differ from other courses that I have come across?

Our training program is designed to meet the present requirements of the industry and ensure effective learning for our students. We provide extensive support, guidance, and a wide range of study materials that set us apart from other courses available.

How do the courses you offer differ from other courses I have come across?

A. Our training program is designed to meet the present requirements of the industry and ensure effective learning for our students. We offer extensive support, guidance, and a wide range of study materials that set us apart from other courses in this field.

Cost of SAP HCM certification in Hyderabad

By enrolling in this training program, participants can gain a comprehensive understanding of how to utilize the SAP HCM/HR module for streamlining HR processes within an organization. They will learn about creating employee records, managing employee data, handling leave requests and attendance tracking efficiently. Additionally, participants will be trained on generating accurate payroll reports and ensuring compliance with legal regulations related to HR practices.

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The duration of the SAP HCM/HR training may vary depending on the institute or training provider chosen by individuals. Typically ranging from a few weeks to a couple of months, these programs offer both theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience through real-life case studies and simulations.

Upon successful completion of the SAP HCM/HR training in Hyderabad, participants can expect enhanced career prospects in HR departments across various industries such as IT services companies, manufacturing firms, healthcare organizations among others that rely heavily on efficient HR management systems like SAP.

What is superior: SAP HR or SAP HCM?

SAP HR was designed to integrate with the core modules of Time Payroll, PA, and OM. On the other hand, SAP HCM comes with additional modules such as e-Recruitment, e-Learning, performance workflow, and more. This indicates that SAP HCM is an updated version of SAP HR and is expected to offer improved functionality compared to its predecessor.

Another significant feature introduced in SAP HCM is the performance workflow module. This allows companies to establish structured workflows for evaluating employee performance and providing feedback. By digitizing this process within the system, it becomes easier for managers to track progress and identify areas where improvement or recognition is needed.

Salary of entry-level SAP HCM professionals in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad / Secunderabad, an Entry Level SAP HCM Consultant with less than three years of experience earns an average annual salary of ₹4.1 Lakhs.

How challenging is it to learn SAP HCM?

Learning SAP HR or HCM (Human Capital Management) module can be a smooth and enjoyable process with the right guidance. Having a qualified and experienced instructor who is passionate about teaching makes all the difference. Additionally, having access to high-quality study materials specifically designed for SAP HR certification greatly enhances the learning experience.

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To ensure optimal performance during training, it is crucial to have a well-configured system that has been carefully adjusted for maximum efficiency. This allows learners to fully explore and practice different functionalities of the SAP HR module without any technical hindrances. A properly optimized system also ensures that learners can seamlessly navigate through various features and gain hands-on experience.