Sap Labs India Pvt Ltd Bangalore: Innovating Technology Solutions for a Digital Future

Sap Labs India Pvt Ltd Bangalore

At the SAP Labs India campus, we have established the SAP Startup Studio, an accelerator program for startups. This initiative allows us to observe how startups identify and solve problems efficiently, aligning with our commitment to encourage entrepreneurship and drive innovation. Additionally, we house the SAP Center for Digital Government (SCDG), which concentrates on technological advancements in government services, capacity building, knowledge sharing, and thought leadership.

After a successful journey of 25 years, it is evident that we have been making the right moves in terms of innovation.

Inclusive and Bias-free Culture

Approximately one-third of our workforce consists of women. Our goal is to have 30% of leadership positions filled by women by the year 2022. We prioritize the growth and development of our female colleagues through top-notch training programs and employee-centric policies.

Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Autism

Established in 2013, SAP became the pioneer among global technology companies to initiate a program that harnesses the distinctive talents of individuals with autism. Following its launch in India five years ago, our Autism at Work Program now boasts a team of 16 employees.

Employee Network Groups

At SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd Bangalore, we foster a work environment that encourages individuals to be their authentic selves and harnesses the power of our diverse workforce to drive innovation. We have established employee network groups such as Pride@SAP, which supports the LGBTQ community.

Accolades and Acknowledgements

Our people policies have gained us a reputation as industry thought leaders. We have consistently been acknowledged as a Top Employer for four consecutive years and have successfully competed against the best in the field. SAP Labs India has also received recognition as one of the Best Organizations for Women in India, highlighting our commitment to providing equal opportunities for women in technology. Additionally, we are proud recipients of the Golden Peacock National award for Sustainability under the IT sector, receiving this prestigious honor two years in a row – 2020 and 2021.


No matter what phase of life you are in, SAP Labs India provides you the best benefits to help you nurture your career. Whether you’re straight out of college or a working parent, we have something for everyone. FromFlexBen that empowers you to choose your own benefits, to Entrepreneurship Sabbatical leave that enables your startup dream. From SAPlings, our world-class child care center to our Back to Work program, we give everyone the equal opportunity to grow and succeed.

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At Sap Labs India Pvt Ltd Bangalore, we offer an ideal environment that caters to both work and leisure activities. Our extensive range of amenities includes tennis courts, a running track, futsal court, badminton court, and more to help you stay active and healthy. Additionally, our Café 5 provides a delightful culinary experience with its diverse selection of global cuisines.

Digital Literacy

Our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen is centered around contributing to the development of our nation through initiatives that promote digital inclusion and literacy. In June 2017, we introduced Code Unnati, an initiative that aims to bridge the digital divide in India by providing citizens with access to digital literacy training and IT skills development.

Championing our ecosystems

At Sap Labs India Pvt Ltd Bangalore, we recognize the significance of working together and its positive influence. We actively engage in various initiatives such as Co-Innovation Lab (COIL), TechEd events, and collaborations with esteemed organizations like The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE). These partnerships enable us to continuously innovate for a better future by leveraging external ecosystems.

SAP Global Tech Job Fair in Bangalore

Vice President of SAP Central Business Configuration is a high-ranking position at SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd in Bangalore.

SAP has given me opportunities to lead multiple facets of a business, via designing the Intelligent technologies Center in Bangalore, heading a product development group, and leading the Business Women’s Network (BWN). Leading the BWN has helped me partner with senior leaders in addressing a strategic business problem, leveraging my professional network to career-counsel women colleagues towards their growth, while also reflecting and evolving myself into a situational leader.

Senior Vice President, SAP S/4HANA Research and Development, Industries, and Cross Topics.

At SAP Labs India, we collaborate with top-notch professionals and utilize advanced technology to address the most significant business hurdles globally. As we strive to strengthen our dominance in cloud solutions, there are endless possibilities for our groundbreaking ideas and influential outcomes.

Size of SAP Labs Bangalore

SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd, a technology company, is building a new campus in Bengaluru. The campus will cover an area of 41.07 acres and will be able to accommodate around 15,000 people. The main focus of the new campus will be on sustainability, wellness, and inclusion.

Recently, SAP Labs India started the construction work for its second campus in Devanahalli through a groundbreaking ceremony. This means that they officially marked the beginning of the construction process by breaking ground at the site.

The company aims to create a sustainable and eco-friendly environment at their new campus. They want to ensure that their operations have minimal negative impact on nature and promote overall well-being among employees. Additionally, SAP Labs India wants to foster an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.

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Management Team of SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd Bangalore

SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd Bangalore is the second largest development center for SAP worldwide. It is situated in various cities including Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. Over the years, it has evolved from a center focused on cost-benefit to one that delivers strategic value to clients of SAP across the globe.


The office of Sap Labs India Pvt Ltd in Bangalore is located on the 6th floor of Tower I in SJR I Park. The plot numbers for this location are 13, 14, and 15.

Bangalore Salarpuria: A Brief Overview

Unit No.402B on the 4th floor of the building “Platina”,

Magarpatta City in Pune

SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd (SLI) is a rapidly expanding subsidiary of SAP, a multinational corporation renowned for delivering top-notch business solutions to its customers. With its headquarters located in Bangalore, SLI has emerged as one of the fastest-growing entities within the SAP family.

Furthermore, SLI places great emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives aimed at making a positive impact on society. Through partnerships with non-profit organizations and active employee participation in volunteering activities like education programs or environmental conservation drives; SLI demonstrates its dedication towards giving back to the community it operates in.

Are SAP jobs well-paid?

Candidates with expertise in SAP are highly sought after and not readily available. The scarcity of qualified and experienced SAP professionals has resulted in the SAP ERP software offering attractive benefits such as high salaries and promising career advancement opportunities, surpassing those offered by other IT professions. This demand for skilled SAP individuals is particularly prevalent in India.

Moreover, due to this scarcity of qualified talent pool with expertise in SAP technologies like HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance), ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming), or BASIS (Business Application Software Integrated Solution), organizations are willing to offer higher remuneration packages to attract top-notch professionals. This trend further contributes to making careers related to SAP more lucrative compared to other roles within the IT industry.

Is the pay at SAP India competitive?

The salary for SAP professionals at Sap Labs India Pvt Ltd in Bangalore varies based on their experience and job role. On average, a new graduate can expect to earn around ₹2,90,129 per year. However, as one gains more experience and takes up senior roles like Senior Developer, the salary can go up significantly to approximately ₹21,47,947 per year.

Sap Labs India Pvt Ltd is an important part of the global software company SAP SE. It is located in Bangalore and serves as one of the largest research and development centers for SAP outside Germany. The company focuses on developing innovative solutions using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), cloud computing, and analytics.

Working at Sap Labs India Pvt Ltd provides employees with opportunities to collaborate with experts from diverse backgrounds and contribute to cutting-edge projects that shape the future of enterprise software solutions. With a strong emphasis on innovation and continuous learning, it offers a dynamic work environment where individuals can grow both professionally and personally.

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– The average salary at Sap Labs India Pvt Ltd ranges from ₹2,90,129 per year for new graduates to ₹21,47,947 per year for senior developers.

– Sap Labs India Pvt Ltd is a research and development center located in Bangalore that belongs to the global software company SAP SE.

– Employees have access to exciting projects involving advanced technologies such as AI and ML while working in a collaborative environment focused on innovation.

How difficult is it to gain entry into SAP Labs?

After the initial screening process, candidates are typically subjected to two to three technical rounds that evaluate their theoretical and practical understanding of Java technology, as well as other relevant technical aspects related to the role. Clearing these rounds successfully leads to the final HR round. Securing a position at SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd Bangalore through their interview process can be quite challenging.


– Initial screening process

– Two to three technical rounds assessing knowledge of Java technology and other technical aspects

– Final HR round

Does SAP Labs offer remote work?

SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd, located in Bangalore, follows a flexible work model that allows its employees to perform their best work. The company recognizes the importance of balancing office and remote work based on country-specific guidelines and regulations. In line with this approach, SAP Labs India offers a hybrid work setup where employees typically spend three days a week either at the office or working on-site with customers or partners.

This hybrid work model provides numerous benefits for both employees and the organization as a whole. By allowing flexibility in choosing where to work, SAP Labs India empowers its workforce to create an optimal environment that suits their needs and preferences. This not only enhances employee satisfaction but also promotes better productivity and overall well-being.

In addition to providing flexibility for individual employees, this hybrid work setup also aligns with current trends in workplace dynamics. With advancements in technology enabling seamless communication and collaboration from any location, organizations worldwide are embracing remote or distributed teams as part of their operational strategies. By adopting such practices at SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd., the company stays ahead of industry norms while attracting top talent who value flexibility and autonomy.

Overall, through its hybrid work setup consisting of three days per week at the office or on-site engagements with clients/partners combined with remote working options as per local regulations; SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd demonstrates its commitment towards creating an inclusive workplace culture that prioritizes employee well-being while driving innovation forward.