SAP MM Service Purchase Order

Service Purchase Order In Sap Mm

In addition to purchasing goods, organizations may sometimes need various services. These services can range from simple maintenance tasks like light bulb replacements, painting, and housekeeping. External contractors are usually hired to carry out these services, and this entire procurement process is referred to as service management. It is important to understand a few key aspects of service management.

Services are intended for immediate use rather than being stored as inventory. The details of a service, including its unit of measure, are stored in a master record known as the service master record. When services are procured, they are recorded in a sheet called the service entry sheet. There are two types of service procurement: planned and unplanned. In planned services, the quantity and price specifications are known in advance, while in unplanned services, these specifications are not determined beforehand and can be adjusted as needed.

Service management encompasses the following concepts−

– Service Master Record: A record that contains information about a service in SAP MM.

– Service Purchase Order: An order created to purchase services in SAP MM.

– Service Entry Sheet: A document used to record the receipt of services in SAP MM.

Service Master Data in SAP MM

The service master record in SAP MM holds information about the various services that an organization can obtain from external vendors. It includes descriptions of the services and their respective units of measure. While it serves as a guide for creating service purchase orders, it is not mandatory to have a reference to create one. You can also manually create a service purchase order without relying on the service master record. Here are the steps to follow when creating a service master record.

Creating Service Master Record in SAP MM

Logistics → Materials Management → Service Master → Service → Service Master. This sequence of steps is followed in the SAP MM module for managing service purchase orders.

To begin, navigate to the Service Master option on the SAP Menu screen. This can be done by following the path mentioned above.

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Proceed to step 2 by selecting the icon for creating a new service, as illustrated below.

Step 3 involves completing all the required information, including service category, base unit of measure, and valuation class. Once done, simply click on Save to create a new Service in SAP MM.

Service procurement in SAP MM: An overview of the process

Services procurement involves the process of recruiting and overseeing service providers who offer people-centric services to a business. These service providers can include technical consulting companies, specialty service agencies, or maintenance companies.


– Technical consulting companies

– Specialty service agencies

– Maintenance companies

Service Purchase Order in SAP MM

In SAP MM, service-related tasks are facilitated through the use of a service purchase order. This type of purchase order is used to communicate the specific details and quantity of services required to a third party. An essential element in creating a service purchase order is the item category, which should be designated as “D” for services. To generate a service purchase order, one can follow the steps outlined below.

Creating Purchase Order in SAP MM

Logistics, Materials Management, and Purchasing are all interconnected in the process of creating a purchase order in SAP MM. When creating a purchase order, it is important to have knowledge of the vendor or supplying plant involved.

To begin, go to the SAP Menu screen and choose Vendor/ Supplying Plant Known from the given path.

Step 2 involves entering the required information, including vendor name, item category, material name, plant location for procurement, and delivery date. After providing these details, click on Save to create the service purchase order.

Creating a service order in SAP MM: A step-by-step guide

To create a service order, there are several methods available:

1. Enter the necessary details of the service provider and the services required.

2. Calculate the charges associated with the service order.

3. Review and save the completed service order.

4. Notify the service provider about the specific services needed.

Service Entry Sheet in SAP MM

A service purchase order is a document that keeps track of all the services that have been acquired. Unlike goods, which are recorded in a goods receipt document, services are documented using a service entry sheet. This sheet includes the fees that need to be paid to the vendor. To create a service entry sheet, follow these steps…

Creating Service Entry Sheet in SAP MM

In the second step, you need to enter all the required information like purchase order number, service number, quantity, and price. After providing these details, click on the Save button. This will generate a new Service Entry Sheet specifically for that particular purchase order.

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Distinguishing material PO from service PO

The main difference between the two types of POs lies in the nature of the goods or services being purchased and how they are fulfilled. When purchasing materials through a PO, the focus is on obtaining physical items that can be stored and used directly in production processes. These may include components needed for manufacturing operations or office supplies required for day-to-day business activities.

On the other hand, when procuring services using a service PO, the emphasis shifts towards acquiring expertise and specialized assistance rather than physical products. Service providers could range from external consultants offering professional advice to contractors providing maintenance support for machinery.

Furthermore, while material-based POs typically involve delivery of goods to a specified location within a given timeframe, service-based POs often require completion of specific tasks or projects within agreed-upon timelines. The fulfillment process may involve milestones based on project progress rather than actual delivery of physical items.

Is it possible to utilize PO for services?

Purchase orders (POs) may appear to be straightforward, but they actually hold significant significance in the procurement process. In India, POs are considered legally binding documents that buyers send to sellers as a formal request for specific products or services. It is essential to understand the key aspects of service purchase orders in SAP MM, as they facilitate efficient and accurate procurement management.

How can I access service PO in SAP?

To determine the Service Purchase Order (PO) Document Type in SAP MM, you can refer to table EKKO, which contains the purchasing document header information. By filtering the document type with “PO Service,” you can easily identify the relevant POs. Additionally, if you need to check the quantity associated with a specific PO, you can consult table EKPO, which stores details about purchasing document items. To do so, either enter the PO Document Number directly or filter by item category to display only Service Item Categories.

In SAP MM, it is crucial to understand how to retrieve information related to Service Purchase Orders. One way of doing this is by examining table EKKO and focusing on its Purchasing document header section. By applying a filter for “PO Service” within the document type field, one can quickly locate all relevant service-related purchase orders.

Furthermore, when dealing with specific purchase order quantities in SAP MM, referring to table EKPO becomes essential. This particular table holds valuable data regarding purchasing document items and their respective quantities. To access this information accurately and efficiently, users have two options: entering the desired PO Document Number directly or utilizing filters that exclusively display Service Item Categories.

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By following these steps and leveraging tables such as EKKO and EKPO in SAP MM module effectively; users gain comprehensive insights into various aspects of service purchase orders like their types and corresponding quantities associated with them

Service order in procurement: An explanation

A service purchase order is a contractual agreement between a customer and a company in India for the procurement of services offered by the company. This agreement aims to safeguard the interests of both parties involved by outlining specific terms, conditions, warranties, roles, and responsibilities related to the agreement.

What are the distinctions between service procurement and goods procurement?

Procuring goods refers to the process of purchasing tangible items, such as raw materials or finished products, from suppliers. On the other hand, services procurement involves acquiring non-tangible services provided by vendors. These services can include consulting, maintenance, or repair work.

In goods procurement, organizations typically have specific requirements for the quality and quantity of the items they need to purchase. They may also consider factors like price and delivery time when selecting a supplier. Once a suitable supplier is identified, a purchase order is created in SAP MM (Materials Management) system to initiate the procurement process.

Services procurement differs from goods procurement in that it focuses on acquiring intangible services rather than physical products. Organizations often require specialized expertise or assistance that cannot be fulfilled internally. For example, they might need legal advice or IT support from external service providers.

To facilitate service procurement in SAP MM module, companies use Service Purchase Orders (SPOs). An SPO is a document that outlines the details of the requested service including its description, duration, cost estimation and any specific terms and conditions agreed upon with the vendor. It serves as an official record of agreement between both parties involved.

When creating an SPO in SAP MM module for service procurement purposes, various fields need to be filled out accurately. This includes specifying relevant information such as vendor details, payment terms and methods along with any additional instructions or attachments related to the requested service.

Overall, while goods procurement deals with tangible items acquisition based on predefined specifications; services procurement focuses on obtaining intangible professional assistance through well-defined agreements using Service Purchase Orders within SAP MM system

Distinguishing service order from purchase order

Depending on the complexity of the services, there are two possible forms of award. The first is a service order, which functions as a purchase order specifically for services. The second option is a longer form contract that includes warranties, representations, completion milestones, and other clauses.