Sap Security Training And Placement Hyderabad

Sap Security Training And Placement Hyderabad

Security and GRC is a highly sought-after module for proficient individuals. In the present era, guaranteeing the safety of data and systems is crucial. Many companies rely on these technologies to handle significant data, making security measures vital. GRC solutions aid organizations in effectively managing compliance and regulations while mitigating risks associated with key operations.

Having the necessary training is crucial for handling these important aspects, and many students are choosing to pursue courses in Security and GRC due to its relevance in various industries.

Igrow Soft Solutions offers a comprehensive SAP Security and GRC Online Training module in Hyderabad. Our training program is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the various aspects and practical applications of SAP security, along with real-world industry projects.

Our program is structured to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of security and GRC.

Sap Security Training And Placement Hyderabad: Enhancing Organizational GRC Capabilities

Efficiently handling risks with minimal complications, enhancing the management of potential risks, boosting overall performance and safeguarding organizational values, effectively managing fraudulent activities, and streamlining audit management.

Hence, it is essential to possess the necessary abilities that are centered around examining, handling, and overseeing.

Our training in Security and GRC is highly regarded as one of the top choices for individuals seeking to enhance their skills in Hyderabad. We cover a wide range of essential areas such as access control, process control, risk and fraud management, as well as audit management. Our comprehensive program equips participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to thrive in the industry and achieve excellence.

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If you are looking to make a career in Security and GRC, our training might just be what you need. So waste no more time and get in touch with Igrow soft solutions to learn the skills and stand out in a competitive market. Get a detailed idea about what we offer and the things you will learn and how they are going to help you in the practical field and then decide for yourself.

Benefits to the students

– Expert and proficient trainers with extensive experience

– Convenient class schedules to accommodate different needs

– Valuable guidance from industry experts and effective problem-solving support

– Assistance in finding suitable job placements after completion of the training program

– Practical exposure through real-life situations and projects, enabling students to gain hands-on experience and enhance their knowledge.


The Security and GRC module offered by Igrow Soft Solutions is suitable for graduates who possess strong programming skills and problem-solving abilities. However, individuals from any background can also opt for this course. Many students have successfully obtained excellent job opportunities after completing their training with us. Our institute distinguishes itself from others through its emphasis on delivering high-quality education.

Sap Security Training and Placement in Hyderabad

What sets your course apart from other institutes?

A. Our course is taught by a very experienced faculty with several years of industry experience. Great guidance and real-time training which is industry-oriented make us different from others in terms of quality. Our materials, notes and real-time specifications are the best you can get.

B. Trainees have the opportunity to acquire knowledge on the most recent Security GRC infrastructure and versions, ensuring they stay well-informed about industry practices.

The course is accessible at any time of the day or night, allowing students to learn at their own convenience.

The demand for skilled Security GRC professionals is high in the market across different industries. By receiving training from us, students become well-prepared for the industry and can secure good job opportunities with their knowledge and practical experience.

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Various payment methods such as cash, cards, cheques, and account transfers are offered to ensure convenience for the students.

How much does SAP GRC training cost?

SAP GRC Access Control, which includes Risk Analysis and Remediation, Superuser Privilege Management, Compliant User Provisioning, and Enterprise Role Management functionalities, operates in conjunction with SAP Business Processes. Typically, the cost of training for this specific SAP module varies between Rs. 20,000 to 25,000 depending on the duration of the course (ranging from 10 to 30 days) and the institute providing it.

The primary objective of SAP GRC Access Control is to ensure that organizations maintain a secure environment by effectively managing user access privileges within their SAP systems. By implementing this module alongside their existing business processes, companies can enhance their overall security posture and minimize potential risks associated with unauthorized access or misuse of sensitive data.

During training sessions for SAP GRC Access Control in Hyderabad or other cities across India, participants will gain comprehensive knowledge about various aspects such as risk analysis and remediation techniques. They will also learn how to manage superuser privileges efficiently while adhering to compliance regulations. Additionally, trainees will be equipped with skills related to provisioning compliant user accounts based on predefined roles within an enterprise setting.

Is the salary for SAP security jobs high?

The salary of a SAP Security Consultant in India varies based on experience. Here is a breakdown:

1. Entry Level (less than three years of experience): An average salary of ₹4.4 Lakhs per year.

2. Mid-Level (three to six years of experience): The average salary increases to around ₹7-8 Lakhs per year.

3. Experienced (more than six years of experience): With extensive knowledge and expertise, the average salary can reach up to ₹10.8 Lakhs per year or even higher.

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Can SAP security be easily learned?

Learning SAP Security is also simple and serves as an excellent starting point for beginners. Additionally, it provides a solid foundation for those who are new to this field.

What is the maximum pay in SAP security?

The average salary for SAP Security Consultants in India is ₹25,75,264 per year. On top of this base salary, they can also receive additional cash compensation averaging around ₹19,95,264. The range for this extra income can vary from ₹5,76,000 to ₹34,14,528.

SAP Security refers to the protection of sensitive data and information within the SAP system. It involves implementing measures to prevent unauthorized access and ensuring that only authorized individuals have appropriate permissions. This helps safeguard critical business processes and confidential information from potential threats or breaches.

To become a SAP Security Consultant in Hyderabad or any other location in India, it is essential to undergo proper training and gain expertise in various aspects of SAP security. Training programs provide knowledge on topics such as user administration, role management, authorization concepts, secure configuration settings, vulnerability assessments and audits. By acquiring these skills through training courses specifically designed for SAP security professionals in Hyderabad or elsewhere in India will enhance job prospects and open up opportunities for placement with reputed organizations.

– Average salary for SAP Security Consultants in India is around ₹25 lakhs per year.

– Additional cash compensation ranges between ₹5 lakhs to over ₹34 lakhs.

– SAP Security involves protecting sensitive data within the system.

– Training programs help acquire necessary skills for career advancement.

– Placement opportunities are available with reputable companies after completing training successfully

Is SAP GRC available as a service?

Is SAP GRC in high demand? Yes, SAP GRC is highly sought after as it allows organizations to effectively measure, monitor, and report on their compliance and risk management activities.