Step-by-Step Guide: Activating Pretty Printer in SAP ABAP

How To Activate Pretty Printer In Sap Abap

This article provides a step-by-step guide on activating the Pretty Printer in SAP ABAP. The Pretty Printer is a tool that helps improve the readability and formatting of ABAP code, making it easier to understand and maintain. By following these instructions, you will learn how to enable this feature in your SAP system, ensuring that your ABAP code is well-organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Shortcut key for pretty printer in SAP: What is it?

After completing the program, you can align the code by either pressing Shift+F1 or clicking on the Pretty Printer button located at the top. The alignment will be done automatically based on the settings of the Pretty Printer.


– Write your program.

– Press Shift+F1 or click on the Pretty Printer button.

– Code alignment will be performed according to Pretty Printer settings.

How to Enable ABAP Pretty Print Feature in SAP

To enable the pretty print feature in SAP ABAP, you can easily access the settings by selecting Utilities->Settings from the main menu.

Then within the next screen, you need to choose tab ‘ABAP Editor’ and then ‘Pretty Printer’ in the subsection.

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You can choose the code format you prefer by selecting from various options for indentation and capitalization.

Indent using pretty-printer

You can choose whether you want your code to have indentation or not using this feature.


If you choose the ‘Lowercase’ option then as you would expect everything will be converted to lowercase.


If you choose the ‘Uppercase’ option then the result will be that everything will be converted to Uppercase.

Keyword Uppercase

This is where it gets interesting because if you choose the ‘Keyword Uppercase’ option, all keywords will be converted to uppercase but this will mean that all variables will be converted to lowercase.

Keyword Lowercase

Now choose the ‘Keyword Lowercase’ option, this will then convert all keywords to lowercase but as a result, all variables will be converted to Uppercase.

Additionally, you can explore the Custom pretty print program to discover additional choices for automatically enhancing the appearance of your ABAP code listing.

What purpose does a pretty printer serve?

However, there may be cases where the default settings of the Pretty Printer do not meet specific requirements or preferences. In such situations, manual changes might be necessary to achieve the desired formatting outcome.

– Activating it improves readability by applying consistent formatting.

Enabling printer functionality in SAP

To activate the pretty printer in SAP ABAP, follow these steps:

1. From any screen in SAP, click on “System”.

2. In the System menu, hover over “User Profile” and then click on “Own Data”.

3. On the Main User Profile screen, navigate to the “Defaults” tab.

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4. In the Spool Control section:

– For Output Device, type: LOCL

– Check the box for Print Immediately

5. Make a list of these steps:

– Click on “System” from any SAP screen.

– Hover over “User Profile” in the System menu and select “Own Data”.

– Go to the Defaults tab on the Main User Profile screen.

– Under Spool Control section:

– Type LOCL for Output Device.

– Check Print Immediately option.

Enabling the print option in SAP

To activate the Pretty Printer in SAP ABAP, follow these steps:

1. Call transaction SPAD.

2. Switch to change mode and check if there is a Print Options tab page for the output device.

3. If the Print Options tab page is not available, go to the Device Attributes tab page.

4. In the Device Attributes tab page, you can find settings related to printer options and formatting.

The Pretty Printer in SAP ABAP helps improve code readability by automatically formatting it according to predefined rules and guidelines. It ensures consistent indentation, spacing, line breaks, and other formatting aspects within your ABAP programs.

By activating the Pretty Printer feature, you can enhance code quality and maintainability by making it easier for developers to understand and modify existing code.

What does code pretty printing mean?

Pretty Printing is a technique used to format code in a computer language, making it more readable and visually appealing for humans. It involves organizing the code by adding proper indentation, line breaks, and spacing. This practice not only enhances the clarity of the code but also makes it easier to understand and maintain.

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What does the pretty printer function do in Python?

The pprint module in Python allows you to format and display complex data structures in a more readable way. It is like giving your data a makeover, making it easier for you to understand and work with. This formatted representation can also be used as input to the Python interpreter.

When using pprint, you can pass any kind of Python data structure – lists, dictionaries, tuples, etc. The module will then analyze the structure and present it in a neat and organized manner. This is especially useful when dealing with large or nested data structures that might be hard to comprehend at first glance.

– The pprint module helps make complex data structures easier to read and understand.

– It formats the structures in an organized way for better readability.

– While it works well with most basic Python types, special care needs to be taken when dealing with non-basic types within your data structure.