The Cost of SAP Business One in India

Sap Business One Price In India

In this blog post, we will explore the pricing of SAP Business One in India and provide insights on its implementation cost. However, before delving into these details, let us first grasp the concept of SAP Business One and its significance for businesses.

Are you interested in knowing the price of SAP Business One in India? If so, this article will provide you with the necessary information. Keep reading to discover the key factors that influence the cost of SAP Business One in India.

– CPU:

– RAM: Between12-32 GB depending on the number of users

– Hard Drive Space:

– MS SQL Server:System Partition100GB/Data Partition100GB

– Software Requirements:

– MDAC2.6 or above

Let’s evaluate some of the key factors that contribute to the cost of SAP Business One.

Factors That Determine the Price of SAP Business One in India

SAP Business One has the ability to seamlessly integrate different ERP systems and features. It offers increased adaptability and scalability for businesses of all sizes and types. If your current system is compatible with SAP B1, it can help reduce costs significantly. To achieve this, you can seek assistance from a certified SAP integration partner in India.

Sap Business One User Count in India

Determining the price of SAP Business One software in India depends on various factors, with one of the most important being the hardware and customized software required to meet different user needs. In terms of user licenses, there are two options available: Professional license and Limited license. The Limited license offers restricted functionality, while the Professional license provides full functionality.


It is likely that the SAP B1 software you have bought might need some adjustments or changes to suit your business requirements. This could result in purchasing extra add-ons. To customize and develop these add-ons for your existing SAP B1 package, it is advisable to seek guidance from a trusted SAP partner in India.


The selection of a database plays a crucial role in determining the price of SAP Business One. For instance, smaller and medium-sized businesses may choose a stable and standard database, while larger companies require a robust and highly secure database to manage vast amounts of data. The cost varies significantly between a generic database option and a personalized one with advanced capabilities.

SAP Business One is compatible with both SAP-owned HANA and Microsoft SQL databases. However, HANA is known for its superior speed and reliability compared to SQL. Consequently, the cost of using HANA is generally higher than that of using a SQL database.

The annual maintenance cost for Sap Business One in India can vary between 15% to 22%, depending on factors such as the software cost and other considerations. It is important to regularly maintain the server for optimal performance, and the developer may release new features through software upgrades each year. By negotiating with the provider, you may be able to secure a discounted rate by paying for multiple years of maintenance in advance.

Consulting Fees in India

In India, the charges for consultants are determined by fixed or monthly fees. On-site consultation may be more expensive than remote consultation. To reduce the cost of consultants, you can request a free trial period with a customized ERP software developer. The expenses for consultants are one of the initial payments required to integrate SAP B1 software into your business system in India.

In addition to these factors, there may be additional expenses such as taxes imposed by the government and legal fees that can impact the overall cost of implementing SAP B1 software into your business system.

Is SAP Business One Affordable for Small Businesses in India?

Certainly, SAP Business One is indeed suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. It has been tailored to cater to the needs of such businesses and is widely adopted by over 66,000 companies globally. In India, it offers a cost-effective monthly per-user license price for its cloud-based version, known as SAP B1 cloud.

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SAP Business One can be deployed in a relatively short period of time – providing small businesses with real business benefits and a quick return on investment. Let’s roll down the ways in which SAP Business One can benefit small businesses.

Sap Business One Pricing in India

SAP Business One offers a comprehensive range of reports that cater to the needs of small businesses, enabling them to make more informed decisions. To facilitate a flexible decision-making approach, users have the ability to customize settings and generate reports based on their specific data requirements.

Improved cash flow

Are you tired of dealing with multiple spreadsheets to manage different data? By integrating your financial operations in real-time with other company processes such as inventory management, purchasing, and sales, you can speed up transactions and improve your cash flow.

Furthermore, SAP Business One offers the ability to choose which employees have access to sensitive data such as salary and expenses. This ensures that not all members of your organization are privy to confidential information.

Affordable Training for Sap Business One in India

The official partners of SAP Business One in India are highly skilled and provide assistance and training even after the software is installed, ensuring that small businesses receive ongoing support.

Additionally, SAP has made significant investments in providing ample online training opportunities for users to access information at their convenience. At Silver Touch, we offer round-the-clock support and assistance to small businesses, enabling them to become proficient in utilizing SAP Business One.

SAP Business One Price in India: What is the Cost?

The cost of SAP Business One in India can range from $54 per month to $3212 per user, depending on four main factors. It is important to consider these factors when deciding what features to implement and how much it will cost.

1. Users and license-

The price of SAP Business One in India is typically determined by factors such as the number of users and the type of licenses needed for your business. Additionally, whether you choose an on-demand or non-on-demand solution can also affect the cost. SAP B1 provides two licensing options: subscription-based and owned licenses.

The support and maintenance SAP demands is a crucial factor to consider. Some providers offer an annual maintenance plan with a fee that is based on a percentage of the upfront software pricing. Moreover, if you have any of the SAP Business One Add-ons , you’ll have to pay extra for support and maintenance.

3. Hardware Requirements-

It is important to meet specific hardware requirements for both the server and client side when considering the price of SAP Business One in India. Factors such as the number of users, need for remote access, development plans, and data volumes should be taken into account while estimating costs. Investing in suitable hardware solutions will greatly contribute to the efficient functioning of your business processes.

Sap Business One Cost in India

The cost of implementing SAP is influenced by the location of installation. Each country’s legal and fiscal requirements vary, and this has an impact on expenses. The intricacy of different languages varies depending on which country you are in. A variety of language sets must be created. Business One provides support in various languages and covers a wide range of legal and fiscal needs, which is advantageous for enterprises wishing to develop internationally.

Cost of SAP ERP in India

In the Indian market, there are options available from large corporate providers and well-known SAP systems. These solutions can be configured, activated, and managed by ERP professionals to provide a complete solution. The cost of such high-end products in the market ranges from INR 50 lakhs to INR 1 crore.


– Large corporate providers offer their services in India.

– Well-known SAP systems are available for purchase.

– ERP professionals play a role in configuring, activating, and managing these solutions.

– The cost of high-end market products like this can range from INR 50 lakhs to INR 1 crore.

SAP Business One Implementation Cost in India

To gain a clearer comprehension of the pricing and implementation expenses associated with SAP Business One, we will examine three illustrative scenarios.

Sap Business One Pricing in India for Eight (8) Users

For small distribution companies in India that have surpassed the capabilities of their basic accounting software and desire a more comprehensive ERP system, there is an option available. This solution includes finance, inventory management, basic warehouse management, standard reporting, and business intelligence dashboards. The implementation cost for this system is approximately $1,800 per month for 8 users. Additionally, there is a monthly fee of $400 for end-to-end support. Along with these recurring costs, there is also a one-time expense of $40,000 to cover implementation services such as training and system configuration.

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Typical implementation for 25 users

SAP Business One Limited licenses, as the name suggests, are not full licenses and therefore do not offer all the functionalities that professional licenses provide. The cost of a Limited SAP B1 License in India is approximately $56 per user per month.

SAP Business One Professional License Pricing in India

The SAP Business One Professional licenses offer full access to all modules and features of the software, based on security settings. The cost for these licenses is $108 per user per month.

Is SAP Business One within a reasonable budget?

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in India, SAP Business One is a cost-effective and flexible software solution for managing their operations. Many SMEs rely on accounting systems to handle their day-to-day tasks, and SAP Business One offers an affordable option that can be easily adapted as the business grows.

Silver Touch Provides SAP B1 Solution to 20+ Industries

Silver Touch is a reliable and authorized partner of SAP Business One. We are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that can effectively manage various business processes. Throughout our experience, we have collaborated with numerous clients from different parts of the world, spanning across more than 20 industries. These industries include manufacturing, retail, construction, pharmacy, automotive, food and beverages, professional services, engineering, chemicals & dyes, packaging,textile rental services agriculture & horticulture wholesale and distribution among others.

(Considering all these aspects, SAP Business One price in India can range between INR 10 Lakhs* (5 users) to INR 50 Lakhs* (100 Users))

How easy is it to learn SAP B1?

SAP B1 is a comprehensive and cost-effective business management solution that has been specifically developed for small and midsize enterprises in India. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities to help businesses streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and drive growth. With SAP B1, companies can effectively manage various aspects of their business such as finance, sales, purchasing, inventory, production, and customer relationship management.

To fully utilize the capabilities of SAP B1, it is important to have knowledge of ABAP programming. This programming language is used for technical customization and development within the software. Additionally, certification in functional specialization for individual modules can greatly enhance your understanding and expertise in using specific features or functionalities within SAP B1.

Concluding Lines

The price of customized SAP B1 software varies depending on your specific business needs and industry requirements. This tailored pricing is influenced by the factors we have discussed previously, as well as other considerations.

To determine the precise cost of SAP Business One for your company, it is advisable to seek guidance from a reputable and trustworthy SAP Partner. Another option is to share your specific requirements with us at infosilvertouchcom in order to receive a personalized quote for the development and installation of customized SAP Business One software.

As an authorized SAP Partner, we are able to provide top-notch SAP B1 software and comprehensive services that cover customization, implementation, maintenance, and technical support at reasonable prices. Our main focus is on ensuring the highest level of data security along with exceptional performance. With our extensive expertise in developing customized SAP B1 solutions for different industries such as retail, manufacturing, dairy, and capital goods, we can create advanced software that will keep your business well-prepared for future challenges.

What is a superior alternative to SAP Business One?

We have gathered a collection of top-rated options that reviewers consider to be the most suitable replacements and rivals for SAP Business One. These alternatives include NetSuite, Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Kinetic. Each of these solutions has been recognized by experts as offering strong competition in terms of overall performance and features.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products like Office 365 and Power BI. It enables organizations to automate processes across finance, supply chain management, sales, customer service, and more.

If you are currently using or considering implementing SAP Business One but would like to explore other options available in the market today before making your decision – we recommend evaluating these alternatives mentioned above thoroughly based on your specific requirements.

SAP Business One Pricing in India: Consult with our Experts and Drive Business Transformation towards your Goals

In India, the cost of SAP Business One varies depending on several factors including license type, number of users, geographical location add-ons, and more. The price range starts from $54 per month and can go up to $3212 per month.

The price of SAP Business One in India can vary as it offers customization options to cater to different industry needs. This flexibility allows for a tailored solution that aligns with your specific requirements, making the cost adaptable based on individual business needs.

What is the price of implementing SAP Business One in India?

The price of implementing SAP Business One in India can vary greatly, ranging from $40,000 or more for a basic implementation with 8 users to over $140,000 for 50 users. The final cost will depend on various factors. It is advisable to consult with experts to determine the specific cost for your company.

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Where can I locate the option to view the price list for SAP Business One?

When a marketing document includes a new business partner, the price list associated with that document is also included. The pricing list assigned to the business partner can be located in their master record.

The total cost of SAP Software in India is determined by three main factors: license fees, implementation fees (which can vary based on the number of modules and consultant requirements), and any necessary customization.

How much does SAP Business One license cost for small businesses in India?

In India, the cost for a Limited License of Sap Business One is $56 per month, while a Professional License will cost you $108.

What is the primary objective of the price list for SAP Business One?

The SAP Business One Price list feature enables users to determine the prices of their items based on specific conditions. When a user adds an item to a document, the price for that item is automatically retrieved from the price list associated with the document.

Is SAP or Oracle more affordable?

When compared to Oracle, SAP is generally considered to be a more expensive option for businesses in India. This is because the average SAP customer spends around 4% of their annual revenue on the total cost of ownership, while the average Oracle customer only spends about 1.7%.

SAP Business One is a popular software solution used by companies in India for managing various aspects of their business operations. It offers features like accounting, inventory management, sales and purchasing management, and customer relationship management (CRM). However, it comes at a higher price compared to other alternatives available in the market.

The pricing of SAP Business One in India can vary depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the organization, number of users accessing the system, customization requirements, and ongoing support services. It is important for businesses to carefully evaluate their needs and budget before deciding on investing in SAP Business One or considering other options that may be more cost-effective.

– SAP Business One is considered to be a higher-cost option compared to alternatives like Oracle.

– The average SAP customer spends around 4% of their annual revenue on its total cost of ownership.

– Factors such as company size, user count, customization needs impact the pricing.

How much does SAP HCM cost in India?

When considering the cost of SAP HCM Certification in India, it is essential to understand what you will be gaining from this investment. The certification equips individuals with valuable skills and knowledge related to managing human capital within an organization using SAP software. It demonstrates proficiency in various aspects such as payroll management, personnel administration, organizational management, time management, and more.

While some institutions may offer lower-priced certifications compared to others, it is crucial not only to consider the cost but also evaluate the quality of education provided by each institution. Factors like reputation, faculty expertise, course content relevance with industry standards should be taken into account when making a decision.

Additionally, potential candidates should explore any financial assistance options available through scholarships or installment plans offered by certain institutions or organizations supporting professional development initiatives.

The module of SAP Business One: What is it?

SAP Business One is a comprehensive ERP solution designed specifically for small businesses in India. It offers a range of functionalities to effectively manage various aspects of your business operations, including accounting and financials, purchasing, inventory management, sales and customer relationships, as well as reporting and analytics.

With SAP Business One, you can gain greater control over your entire business or subsidiary by streamlining processes and centralizing data. This allows you to make informed decisions based on real-time insights and improve overall efficiency. The software provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies complex tasks while ensuring accuracy and compliance with local regulations.

P.S. Discover how SAP Business One can help transform your small business into a more efficient and profitable enterprise today!

What are the drawbacks of SAP Business One?

The initial investment required for SAP Business One can be a considerable burden for small enterprises in India. Apart from purchasing the necessary licenses and hardware components, there are additional costs involved in customizing the software according to specific business needs. This customization process may require hiring external consultants or IT professionals who possess expertise in SAP Business One.

Despite these financial challenges, it is important for Indian businesses to weigh the potential benefits against the costs before deciding on implementing SAP Business One. The software offers features such as streamlined operations management, improved data analysis capabilities, enhanced inventory control systems, and efficient customer relationship management tools.