The cost of SAP FICO certification in India

Sap Fico Certification Cost In India

SAP FICO certification is a valuable credential for professionals in India looking to enhance their skills and career prospects in the field of finance and accounting. This article provides information on the cost associated with obtaining SAP FICO certification in India, helping individuals understand the financial investment required to pursue this certification. By exploring various factors that contribute to the overall cost, such as training fees, exam fees, study materials, and additional expenses, readers can gain insights into planning their budget effectively for SAP FICO certification.

Types of SAP FICO Courses in India

Certificate Programs in SAP FICO Offered by different colleges, individual training centers, and instructive websites. Top certificate courses center around sub points like SAP FI , SAP CO,General Ledger,Reports and so on Online certificates can be sought after at any level of your career.

SAP FICO Certification Fees in India

The demand for SAP FICO Course is high in various business sectors, as it offers immediate job opportunities to skilled graduates. The SAP FICO Module effectively fulfills the financial and accounting needs of organizations.

SAP FICO certification programs in India are available through both online and offline platforms. These courses can vary in duration, ranging from a few hours to several months.

  • Certificate programs of SAP FICO courses are extraordinarily intended to furnish competitors with extra aptitudes.
  • They are appropriate for those representatives who need to proceed with their positions alongside learning additional ranges of abilities that can assist them with taking care of complex issues.
  • A large portion of these courses are independent and accordingly don’t request a ton of everyday hours from you.
  • Students do not require any prior experience; such SAP FICO courses can be pursued after completing their bachelor’s or master’s.

Top Online SAP FICO Certification Courses in India

Here are some SAP FICO certification courses available in India along with their duration and fees:

– SAP FICO For Beginners – A Guide to SAP Financial Accounts course on Udemy: This course lasts for 5 hours and costs INR 8,960.

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– Deploying SAP on Google Cloud course on Coursera: It is a 5-hour long course with a fee of INR 2,140.

– Gangboard offers the SAP FICO Training program which spans over 30 hours. The cost for this training is INR 35,000.

– Besant Technologies provides an online training and certification course for SAP FICO that also lasts for approximately 30 hours. The fee for this program is INR 23,000.

In certain training programs, trainers may administer tests to determine your eligibility for certification.

Top SAP FICO Certificate Courses in India: Offline Options

Some educational institutions provide offline SAP FICO certificate courses, while others have shifted to online classes due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Certificate in SAP FICO Courses Admissions

Enrollment in SAP FICO courses in India does not follow the same authentic process as other courses. There are no specific admission tests conducted for these courses.

  • Enlistment in online certificates programs is essentially done by applying on the website of the course provider.
  • Some head establishments do separate your profile and the reactions to surveys asked.
  • In the event that there should be an event of disconnected certificate programs, colleges may yield you on the authenticity premise. Your score in graduation l will be considered in such a case.

Top Institutes Offering SAP FICO Certification Courses in India

Below is a detailed explanation of the leading educational institutions in India that provide certificate programs in SAP FICO. These colleges have been classified based on their certification offerings.

SAP FICO Courses Jobs and Careers in India

Currently, the career of a SAP FICO graduate is considered one of the most lucrative paths, especially for professionals in the finance and accounting industry. The external reports generated using SAP FICO are increasingly utilized by investors, banks, managers, supervisors, and tax authorities to meet their specific requirements. This certification will enable individuals to effectively manage company accounts and provide an advanced approach to financial transaction reporting. As organizations continue to grow and implement the SAP system, there will be a high demand for professionals with SAP FICO skills in the coming years. It is also worth noting that SAP training constantly updates its curriculum with the latest technology and business practices. However, it is important to acknowledge that investing time in learning this skill can be quite expensive. Corporate training programs offer both classroom-based and online training options for individuals looking to enhance their skills in SAP FICO.

Below is a table listing various job opportunities available for SAP FICO students in India, along with details about the job description and salary package associated with each role.

Is SAP FICO a viable career option in India?

The main attraction of SAP FICO job opportunities in the industry is that it offers a promising future. SAP, which stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing, is a thriving industry in India. It has various applications and is especially known for its Financial Application. This means that if you decide to work as a SAP FICO consultant, you can expect good career prospects.

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SAP FICO consultants are professionals who specialize in implementing and maintaining the financial modules of SAP software. They play a crucial role in helping organizations manage their financial operations effectively using this technology. As businesses increasingly rely on SAP for their financial needs, there is a growing demand for skilled professionals who can handle these systems efficiently.

SAP FICO Course Requirements in India

Employers are looking for individuals who possess multiple skills, particularly those who can adapt and are not limited to general abilities. To secure a job in the field of SAP FICO, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the courses and their fundamental skill sets. Some of these sought-after skills by employers are mentioned below.

Here are some essential skills required for SAP FICO certification in India:

– Effective communication abilities

– Strong analytical skills

– Proficiency in negotiation techniques

– Excellent written and presentation skills

– Commercial awareness and understanding of business operations

– Competence in risk management practices

– Ability to manage teams efficiently

– Creative thinking capabilities

– Problem-solving aptitude

– Leadership qualities within a team setting

– Organizational skills for efficient task management

In addition, candidates should have expertise in configuration, testing the module, and providing support for the module.

SAP FICO Fees in Kerala: How much does it cost?

SAP MM/PP/FICO is a course offered by SMEClabs that has a duration of 6 months. The total cost for this course is INR 60,000, which includes the tuition fee. Additionally, students are required to pay an extra hostel fee of INR 5,000 in addition to the tuition fee. For more information about other courses available at SMEClabs, please refer to the following list:

1. Course A

2. Course B

3. Course C

4. Course D

SAP FICO Online Course Fees in India

To gain a comprehensive understanding of various courses, refer to the table provided below. We have compiled a list of top online SAP FICO courses in India, including their respective fees and duration.

Comparison of Online Platforms Offering SAP FICO Courses in India

The following table provides a comparison of the online SAP FICO courses offered by two different agencies. In this instance, we have evaluated their training programs for SAP FICO.

Comparison between Gangboard and Besant Technologies for SAP FICO Certification in India:

– Fees: The cost of SAP FICO certification at Gangboard is INR 35,000, while Besant Technologies charges INR 23,000.

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– Student Ratings: Both institutions have received a rating of 5.0 from their students.

– Enrollment: Gangboard has enrolled 21,596 students for SAP FICO certification, whereas Besant Technologies has more than 3000 enrollments.

– Duration: The duration of the course at both institutions is 30 hours.

– Created by: Gangboard and Besant Technologies are responsible for creating these certification programs.

What is the cost of the SAP FICO exam in India?

The cost of SAP FICO Certification in India is not fixed and can vary based on factors such as the training provider and the level of certification you choose. It is important to consider these factors before enrolling in a certification program, as they can significantly impact the overall cost.

When selecting a training provider, it is advisable to research and compare different options available in your area. Look for reputable institutes that offer comprehensive courses with experienced instructors. Keep in mind that some providers may charge higher fees due to their reputation or additional services provided.

Additionally, the level of certification you aim for will also affect the cost. SAP FICO offers various levels of certifications, ranging from entry-level to advanced. The more advanced certifications tend to be more expensive than basic ones due to their complexity and specialized knowledge required.

SAP FICO Courses: FAQs

SAP FICO certification in India requires extensive learning and completion of various tasks. This article provides an explanation of SAP FICO and its sub-modules, namely SAP Finance (FI) and SAP Controlling (CO), which are used for specific financial processes.

SAP FICO, which stands for Financial Accounting and Costing, is a highly lucrative career path with excellent growth prospects. However, securing a job in SAP FICO is not easy due to high competition. The role of SAP FICO professionals offers one of the most rewarding career options available in the current market scenario.

SAP FICO is a significant module in SAP ERP that deals with financial accounting and cost controlling. It is widely implemented and crucial for businesses in India.

SAP FICO is a module used for financial reporting, both internally and externally. Its purpose is to record all financial transactions posted by an entity and generate accurate financial statements at the end of the trading period.

The primary function of SAP FICO is to assist organizations in generating and managing financial statements for analysis and reporting. It also aids in efficient business planning and decision-making.

How much does the SAP course cost?

The cost of SAP FICO certification in India typically ranges from INR 15,000 to INR 30,000. After completing the certification, professionals can expect an average salary ranging between INR 5 to 8 LPA.