The Ultimate Guide to the Top 10 SAP Training Institutes in Bangalore

Which are the best 5 SAP training institutes in Bangalore? We will explore each of these top 5 SAP training institutes in Bangalore.

1. ExtremeTech

ExtremeTech is a renowned SAP training institute in Bangalore, ranking among the top 5. With over six years of experience, it specializes in both SAP consulting and training services.

The institute offers a complete range of courses that include the SAP FICO, SAP SRM, SAP MM, and other courses. ExtremeTech is the best SAP training institute in Bangalore.

The faculty at ExtremeTech left a strong impression on us with their exceptional teaching methods. They have gained recognition for their excellent approach in educating students.

2. ProSAPTraining

ProSAPTraining is among the leading SAP training institutes in Bangalore, offering a hands-on training program that focuses on real-world projects.

The training program offers practical situations and encourages you to create the SAP solutions you have always desired. The institute has highly skilled trainers who are specialists in their respective domains.

Additionally, these institutes have the ability to teach you the more advanced concepts of SAP in a relatively brief timeframe. We have had a partnership with them for the past three years and are fully content with the quality of their offerings.

Why are SAP courses costly in India?

The reason behind the high cost is that these courses are comprehensive and cover all aspects of the respective modules. The training material provided by SAP Education ensures that students receive quality education and gain in-depth knowledge about using various functionalities within these modules effectively.

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Therefore, individuals who are serious about pursuing a career or upgrading their skills in SAP should consider this investment as an opportunity for personal growth and professional success.

Top 3 SAP Training Institutes in Bangalore

SAP training is a well-known institute in Bangalore that offers both online and offline courses covering a range of topics related to SAP FICO, HR, and Finance.

Additionally, there are numerous other institutes that offer the opportunity to acquire industry-specific knowledge quickly. These institutes have experienced trainers who ensure guaranteed results in a short span of time.

The institute focuses on teaching you advanced concepts in SAP through practical case studies, starting from the basics and progressing to more complex topics. The instructors are highly engaged and approachable.

They provide guidance and support throughout the learning process, assisting individuals in achieving their aspirations. We highly recommend this institute to anyone seeking high-quality education.

Particularly focusing on SAP-related subjects at an affordable price.

Salary of an SAP FICO consultant in India

In India, the average annual salary for SAP FICO Consultants is ₹14,15,729. On top of that, they receive an average additional cash compensation of ₹7,20,000. The range for this additional cash compensation is from ₹7,20,000 to ₹7,20,000.

4. GuruShark Technologies

GuruShark Technologies is a well-known institute among the top 5 SAP training centers in Bangalore. They offer comprehensive training programs for all SAP modules.

They boast a group of highly skilled trainers and developers who have extensive expertise in their respective domains. What sets them apart is their focus on offering training programs that are tailored to prepare individuals for employment opportunities.

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This ensures that you can secure a job successfully. We have had a partnership with them for over six years, and we have found their services to be quite satisfactory.

What is the typical price of a SAP license in India?

The cost of installing and implementing SAP ERP can vary significantly, ranging from Rs2.5 Cr to Rs1000 Cr. This wide range is influenced by various factors that need careful consideration. The cost of SAP ERP is primarily determined by a few key details.

Firstly, the scope and scale of the implementation project play a crucial role in determining the cost. Larger organizations with complex business processes may require more extensive customization and integration, resulting in higher costs compared to smaller companies with simpler requirements.

Lastly, implementation approach plays a significant role in determining costs. Organizations have options like on-premise installation or cloud-based solutions (SAP S/4HANA Cloud). While on-premise installations generally involve higher upfront investments due to infrastructure setup and maintenance costs; cloud-based solutions offer subscription models that spread out expenses over time.

To illustrate these considerations practically:

1) A large multinational company operating across multiple countries would likely have complex requirements necessitating extensive customization efforts leading towards higher implementation costs.

2) A small-to-medium enterprise focused solely on financial management might opt for only Finance module implementation resulting in lower expenses.

3) An organization aiming for quick deployment without heavy initial investment could choose cloud-based solution instead of an on-premise installation model.

– Assessing project scope, module selection, customization needs, and implementation approach are vital.

– Prioritize requirements to avoid unnecessary expenses.

– Consider the long-term benefits of investing in a robust ERP system that can streamline operations and drive growth.

Top 5 SAP Training Institutes in Bangalore

SAP Academy stands out as a top-notch SAP training center in Bangalore. They offer exceptional training courses for both technical and non-technical subjects, ensuring comprehensive learning opportunities.

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These institutes offer SAP training at affordable prices. Their trainers are extremely knowledgeable and ensure that you receive the highest quality education without any compromises.

These institutes provide both regular and intensive courses at incredibly affordable rates. Additionally, they offer the chance to join their SAP Instructor program, giving you a valuable opportunity to be a part of their team.

This allows you to receive a good income by means of…

What is the cost of an online SAP FICO course in Bangalore?

SAP FICO and S4 HANA Course Details: The duration of this long-term course is 5 months. To enroll in this course, the fee is set at INR 25,000. This comprehensive training program focuses on SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO) as well as S4 HANA modules.

During the five-month duration of the course, students will gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills related to SAP FICO and S4 HANA. The curriculum covers various aspects such as financial accounting principles, controlling processes, integration with other modules, data migration techniques, reporting tools, and more.

The course fee of INR 25,000 includes all study materials required for the training program. Additionally, experienced trainers with extensive industry expertise will guide students throughout their learning journey. They will provide hands-on experience through real-world scenarios and case studies to ensure a thorough understanding of SAP FICO and S4 HANA concepts.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certification that validates their proficiency in SAP FICO and S4 HANA modules. This certification can significantly enhance career prospects by opening up opportunities in finance departments across various industries.