Top Sap Training Institute In Kolkata

Best Sap Training Institute In Kolkata

We are not an officially certified SAP Training Institute by SAP, a multinational enterprise based in Walldorf, Germany. Our intention is to provide SAP training without violating any Copyright or Intellectual Property Rights. On this website, the term “SAP” refers to a specific field of technical knowledge and industry. We offer SAP Training based on our experience and expertise, exercising our Fundamental Right as guaranteed by Article 21 of The Constitution of India for every Indian citizen.

Top Sap Training Institute In Kolkata

My experience at UNIT ERP Academy was truly amazing. I acquired a wealth of knowledge during my time there. The team at UNIT ERP Academy is extremely friendly and helpful, offering valuable guidance for a successful career in SAP. They also offer numerous placement opportunities to their students. It is undoubtedly the top SAP training institute in Kolkata, ensuring 100% placement assistance.

Top Sap Training Centers in Kolkata

UN IT ERP Academy is a well-established and highly regarded SAP training institute in Kolkata. It comes highly recommended for individuals who are looking to advance their careers in the corporate world. Personally, I enrolled in their SAP FICO course and had an excellent experience. The academy offers hands-on training with real-time projects, which proved invaluable when I secured a placement at ENTRANSYS PVT.LTD. The management team at UN IT ERP Academy is extremely supportive, making it stand out as the only institute in Kolkata that provides such practical exposure. Additionally, the experienced faculty members go above and beyond to assist trainees with all aspects of their professional development, ensuring they can fulfill their career aspirations successfully.


UN IT ERP Academy stands out as the top-notch SAP Training Institute in Kolkata. Being unfamiliar with SAP, I am grateful to Debjani Madam for her thorough teaching approach. Additionally, I would like to express my gratitude to Trisha Madam for assisting me in securing a job placement. Their unwavering support from day one until my successful placement has been invaluable. If you aspire to advance your career in SAP, I highly recommend joining UN IT ERP Academy.

Leading Sap Training Institutes in Kolkata

I had a great learning experience at UN IT ERP Academy in Kolkata. I enrolled in their SAP SD course and found the faculty to be highly experienced and knowledgeable. They not only shared their industry expertise but also provided guidance in every aspect of the course. The detailed training on SAP SD, along with completing a live project, helped me crack my interview effortlessly. The institute played a significant role in helping me secure a job, and I am grateful to Debjani Maam for her support. Thanks to them, I got placed as an SAP SD professional at ACCENTURE. In my opinion, this is the top SAP training institute in Kolkata.

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Top Sap Training Institute in Kolkata

The institute is excellent, with strong communication and relationships between students and faculty. They offer flexible payment options to accommodate any difficulties you may have. I received great support from their HR manager when I faced personal challenges. Thanks to the training at UN IT ERP Academy, I secured a job as an ABAP consultant at ACCENTURE with an attractive salary package. I highly recommend this academy for anyone considering SAP training, as they provide 100% placement assurance.

Leading Sap Training Centers in Kolkata

SAP Education can help you/your organization reap significant benefits, including:

– Quicker and more affordable implementation at the beginning

– Improved acceptance by end users, leading to reduced support expenses

– Continuous and optimal utilization of software investment

– Swift adjustment to new updates and changes in business procedures

The UN IT ERP Academy in Kolkata is a highly comprehensive and affordable training program for SAP R/3. Whether you have prior experience with SAP or not, the Academy provides courses that aim to develop and improve your skills. The training includes practical classroom sessions where you can learn through hands-on activities, followed by in-depth discussions on implementing R/3 Systems. Upon completion of the program, participants receive certification from the Academy.

UN IT ERP Academy boasts a top-notch infrastructure that is widely regarded as the best in India. With 7 years of experience in providing IT training, our academy has established strong partnerships with leading technology companies such as Wipro, CENTURYPLY, Dabur, TATA Steel, Tech Mahindra, and Cognizant. Our close association with industry experts and corporate presence sets us apart from other training institutes. Additionally, we prioritize student mentoring to ensure their success in the field of IT.

In order to enroll in a Functional module, it is necessary to have at least 2-3 years of practical experience in the relevant business field. For those interested in the technical module of SAP, a strong understanding of programming concepts is required. Typically, individuals with a minimum of 1-2 years of technical experience are recommended for this module. Additionally, candidates should hold professional qualifications such as BE/ B.Tech / MBA/CA or equivalent credentials.

SAP Training enhances proficiency and expertise in the hands-on administration and utilization of technology. It caters to individuals across all levels, ranging from regular users to top-level executives.

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The infrastructure at UN IT ERP Academy is highly regarded as the top-notch in India. Our training rooms are well-equipped with modern computer hardware, software, and excellent audiovisual equipment. We maintain small class sizes to ensure that every student receives sufficient access to our training facilities and personalized attention.

The SAP R/3 Training program offers comprehensive training on the latest versions and various business processes. These courses provide an introduction to essential business processes that can be implemented using the SAP System. They also serve as an overview of specific areas of expertise, such as procurement or production planning. The training not only covers all functions within a particular application but also emphasizes key business processes and integration with other modules. The courses focus on delivering detailed information about individual application areas, including SAP Customizing and functional description. They are designed to meet the specific needs of project teams and build upon knowledge gained in level 2 courses.

For individuals seeking to acquire expertise and achieve certification as a SAP industry consultant, the UN IT ERP Academy is the ideal choice. This academy offers comprehensive training in various functional modules of SAP.

Technical Module includes the topics of Workbench, which covers fundamentals and concepts, as well as BI (Business Intelligence).

What is the overall expense of SAP certification?

Learning SAP FICO can help you advance in your career because it is a very popular module within the SAP system. Many companies use SAP FICO for their financial and accounting processes, so having knowledge and certification in this area can make you more valuable to employers. It opens up opportunities for job growth and higher salaries.

To become certified in SAP FICO, there is a cost involved. On average, the certification cost can range from around 25,000 to 75,000 Indian Rupees. This price includes the training materials and exams required to obtain the certification. The exact cost may vary depending on factors such as the institute or training center you choose.

Top Choice for SAP Training in Kolkata

– Get trained in SAP with a focus on real-time industry requirements and increase your chances of getting placed with our 100% placement assistance.

– Our faculty comprises highly experienced professionals from the industry who will provide you with top-notch training.

– Choose between classroom and online training options, and enjoy flexible class timings based on your availability.

– Gain practical experience by working on real-life scenarios and projects hosted on live servers during the course.

– Receive expert guidance through doubt-clearing sessions to ensure a smooth learning experience.

– Prepare for interviews with mock interview sessions and benefit from insights shared by industry experts.

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Cost of SAP exam in India

When considering the cost of SAP ABAP certification, it is crucial to evaluate various factors such as the reputation and credibility of the training provider. Different institutes offer different levels of expertise and quality in their courses, which can impact the overall cost. It is advisable to thoroughly research and compare multiple training providers before making a decision.

Additionally, another factor that influences the cost is the level of certification one aims for. SAP offers various levels of certifications ranging from associate-level to professional-level qualifications. Each level requires a different set of skills and knowledge, thus affecting its pricing accordingly.

SAP vs. Tally: Which is superior?

While SAP provides comprehensive functionalities and advanced capabilities that can greatly benefit businesses in various sectors, its high cost often becomes a major deterrent. The expenses involved in purchasing licenses and hardware infrastructure required for running SAP systems can put significant strain on company finances. Moreover, additional costs such as training employees or hiring consultants proficient in using the software further add to the overall expenditure.

It is important for businesses to thoroughly evaluate their requirements before deciding which software solution best aligns with their goals and financial capabilities. While SAP remains an industry leader known for its extensive range of features and functionalities across multiple business processes, smaller enterprises should consider whether they truly need all those complex functions or if simpler yet effective options like Tally would suffice.

Can I learn SAP online?

Udemy, a well-known online learning platform, is highly regarded for its extensive selection of SAP courses. These courses cover various aspects of SAP and are available in both free and paid options. While the paid courses generally offer more comprehensive content, the free SAP courses on Udemy can be an excellent starting point or a way to enhance your existing knowledge.

P.S: Keep in mind that while investing in paid SAP training on platforms like Udemy offers additional benefits such as certification opportunities or instructor support throughout your learning journey; it is essential to research thoroughly before purchasing any course to ensure it aligns with your goals and requirements.

Overall, whether you choose one of the free introductory-level Sap Courses offered by Udemy or opt for a more comprehensive paid program tailored towards specific modules or skills development needs, Udemy is a reliable platform that can help you enhance your SAP knowledge and advance your career in the field.

P.S: Remember to explore reviews, course previews, and instructor profiles on Udemy before making any decisions to ensure you select the most suitable course for your learning objectives.